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    Glitching is a thing of the past... Now let's play the game properly.

      Well, thank you to FOHDR for informing me of this change.


      It now seems, that most glitch spots have been patched, so that the player is shoved out of the glitch within seconds, and is met with Richtofen, giving you the laugh of shame.


      This is a fantastic move on Treyarchs part, and one that will soon see all the cheating Shotgunners forced into either learning to play the game properly, or get deranked trying.


      This move will also see the "Part-time" glitchers, forced into having team mates look after them while on "Bathroom" breaks, or whatever other excuse you guys use for glitching.


      I applaud Treyarch for this move, and would encourage them to now reset the leaderboards!

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