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      LethalxGaming is mainly an Xbox clan.  We just branched out to PS3 a few months ago and we have 2 Clans we are trying to fill up in PS3.

      Average Stats at the moment for the main clan on PS3 are as follows...

      1.76 K/D and 381 SPM.

      Level 32

      These stats are subject to change and will be rising since all new recruits that have stats above those numbers will be directed to join our main clan.  Any stats that are below those numbers will be directed to join our second roster.  All members are welcome to play with any member between the 2 clans and any member from the 2nd clan can be promoted to the main clan if they participate well in clan ops.  (a regular MVP)

      Regarding our Clan ops.....

      Each week we've been moving up in our ranks.  We're looking to get ourselves multiple Championship badges in the future to bring home for the LethalxGaming brand.

      Kill Confirmed:

      2/9/2013 1511 Confirms.  Ranked 260th

      2/16/2013 2120 Confirms.  Ranked 168th

      2/24/2013 1628 Confirms.  Ranked 350th

      We also need some members in this clan with the capability to live stream any game they want to twitch or YouTube.  Must have Capture Cards.  Using the League Play in Game live streaming features will not cut it.

      We're looking for members that are willing to participate in both clan ops (Saturday and Sunday) each weekend.

      Saturdays clan ops are always from 5pm - 8pm Eastern Time

      Sundays clan ops are always from 1pm - 4pm Eastern Time

      Here's where to apply....


      Our Home Page...


      Follow and subscribe within these links....

      The Clans Twitter page...


      The Clans YouTube channel...


      The Clans Twitch channel...