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    Hey, Treyarch: could we please see squads again?

      Just a suggestion: I'd love to see the 'squad' feature from World at War make a return. It made it so much easier to hook up with friends who have connection issues and repeatedly get dropped from lobbies, or to just party up in general with players you'd like to have on your team. I see a lot of people complaining about having irritating, annoying, or useless teammates and being unable to easily find people to play with. If you give people the ability to create and join squads, those of us who are serious about playing to win can more easily find other players without having to go through the laborious task of backing out, inviting them, or searching for another lobby that might have a less-favourable connection--especially if we/they don't have mics and all we want is to spend another match or two on their team.


      The 'squad' feature immensely simplified joining friends in progress in WaW and I think it encouraged people to play together because it was so easy to use. What does everyone else think about this?