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    Is it possible to have 2 PCs on 1 router?

      Is it possible to join eachother and also invite some friends who aren't on the same LAN? Our router doesn't have a DMZ function and its firewall can't be shut off.


      EDIT: Right now we can't be in the same lobby.

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            Lets call you "Friend A" and you're with "Friend B" .. if "Friend A and Friend B" are at the same home with 2 PS3/PC's connected via LAN and want to play with "Friend C and Friend D" who are at another household on LAN.. you're no longer talking about a LAN. We're now talking about a WAN.


            That involves internet otherwise there is no way for all of you to see eachother on the network.. in which case you would just go ahead and use the actual ONLINE features to play a custom game if you just want it to be the four of you.


            Your question in relation to the title of your thread does not make sense... of course it's possible to have 2 PCs on one router.. but you cannot invite people on a different LAN unless you have internet access and use some type of VPN Tunnel service such as Tunngle to join your LANs.