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    Your favorite map on what game mode and why.

      This forum is generally where everyone seems to come to complain about their problems with the game. I can honestly say I have the least amount of issues with this game than any other COD game. Only thing I hate is how easy sniping is. Other than that, I love this game and will play all the way through the year.


      Anyway, I want to know your favorite map and on what game mode. Personally, my favorite game mode is Domination. It's my most played, and I have my most wins in it. I score extremely high, average at least 1 Lodestar a game, and always have the most amount of fun with this mode. I love when it is the second round and we are barely winning and the other team trys their hardest to get the B flag and I C4 to win the game.


      My map for Domination is GRIND. B flag is in the middle, but it isn't as difficult as it is on all the other maps. (aside from RAID) There is a bit of cover and the layout of the map makes it an excellent flanking map. Mirage on the other hand is the complete opposite. It is hard to flank the sides, and running down the middle usually leads to my death. I currently hold a 3.16 KDR and a 412 SPM and it continues to rise when Grind shows up. I think this map is many people's favorite out of the DLC because every time it shows up in map rotation, it gets 7 votes instantly.


      Well, there's my story. What's yours?

      (My experiences are all from Ground War. It is the only game type I will touch because 12 players just doesn't seem to be enough for me.)