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    Huge Problem PS3 PLZ HELP

      I cant play with my friends in a public game. If i or my mates try to search for a public match with already a full party (4 ppl) we get stuck in an endless loop of searching for a lobby. Ofcourse we never find a party cause we already are 4 and somehow we magicaly arent able anymore to creat our own lobby. So does anybodyhas any solution/idead for this problem? Or does somebody else have the same problem?


      right now i cant play solo public or 3 or 4 player public cause the god damn game wont let me play with my friends anymore....HELP!!!!!!!!!


      Just did that ps3 connection test and that are the results:


      NAT-Typ: Typ 2 (in game the NAT is OPEN)

      Download speed: 6.2 MBps

      Upload speed: 330.9 kbps


      But as all of my friedns sufferof the same problem i dont think that it has something to do with our connections cause wespeak of like 8 ppl with the same issue. Ithink its trollarchs fault but havent seen any threads recently about that problem.