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      I wish that suppressors in this game would act and behave like they do in real life. Meaning that they

      do not actually reduce range and damage. They were developed to be a noise suppressant with the

      added benefit of hiding your guns flash. Now you can still hear the shot being fired but it takes longer

      for the noise of the gunshot to reach you. Sometimes in the game I feel like I am a sever disadvantage

      using a suppressor but if you run ghost and don't use a suppressor what is the point of even having

      the ghost perk in the game? So i guess what I am asking is what are your guy's opinions on the



      Also this is my first post and I'm still trying to figure the forums out.

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          I like the suppressor, I feel safe when i'm using it with Ghost, it keeps me off the mini-map when shooting and I can be stealthy, get behind the enemy and take 'em out when they're busy shooting at my teammates. I also use Cold-Blooded which keeps me off target assisting scopes like the Target Finder, MMS, and Dual Band Scope. It also removes my name when an enemy looks at me, so they get no aim assist if they're using it.

          Mainly, being undetected is how I like to play so i use what I can to be as undetectable as possible e.g.


          no red dot when enemy has UAV / while moving.


          No player name can be seen, remain undetectable to player highlighting equipment (as well as the Sensor Grenade)


          I don't really need to use Dead Silence because it doesn't do a great amount in BO2, unfrotunately.

          Smoke grenades are good for blinding enemies. Throw one at them to mask their vision and move through it without your name showing up.

          Sorry for this turning into stealth tips but that's basically what a suppressor is for.