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    everyone open your eyes to this bullshit

      maybe in 7 months i'll find someone who knows what the hell they're doing on this god damn map and not leave/lag out after spending a lot of time getting the whole game ready to go for high rounds



      i can't believe how much bull **** this actually is, so much i can't even comprehend how nothing is done to fix it




      well im done with this game for a long ass time, you poor suckers keep playing this pathetic waste of disc space until the next piece of **** comes out

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          Re: everyone open your eyes to this bullshit

          See u in 7 months

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            Re: everyone open your eyes to this bullshit

            Latency will always be an issue... Maybe discuss in lobby ahead of time who has the highest upload allocation on bandwidth and let them host... If they don't know how to scan their network/ISP for packet loss, a few extra minutes walking them through it will save the headache later on...


            If someone dies more than 7 times, chances are they can't come back after that, don't expect them to continue on... It's just a game, man, you don't have to set records every time you play... There are very few people that can handle 30+ with no perks and a standard issue weapon... YOu'll find friends to play with, just keep at it until then... No need to come here and put up a hate post, you won't get anything accomplished this way... And you won't quit the game, lol, it's too ******* awesome to do that...


            Good luck, my friend...

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                Re: everyone open your eyes to this bullshit

                i concur, i usualy stay even if i go down 19 times in a match. as with people leaving due to intenret problems, well ghey need to get a better net connection. sometimes the more expensives ones are the worst. i have free internet with my appartmet ad it works fine. i have 2 xboxs on it and a compuer going a the same time and i dont have any problems with it.

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