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    Evil Dead Challenge - 4 players team tournament.

      In an attempt to make time between DLCs go faster, I thought we should have some kind of forum Challenges with deadlines and our own leaderboards and winners. To test it out, I thought we could start with the basic Evil Dead cabin challenge on Tranzit with rules and guidelines for every team to follow. And after 10-14 days we can score the 4 highest teams. If its gets enough interest, we can start other challenges with deadlines and keep a trophy like case for all the winners of past challenges.




      The Challenge -

      Keep Marlton alive as long as possible at the Cabin on Tranzit.


      Rules -

      Must be a 4 player game.


      The game is over when Marlton goes down, as he represents Ash who was the last one to survive. Once he goes down the first time, its over. Doesn't need to bleed out, so stop killing zombies once he's down.


      Players have to be at the cabin at the beginning of round 2 and cannot leave it other than to grab a dropped power up and then have to return immediately back to the cabin. No training around outside.


      Players can grab any perks, weapons, equipment, or buildables they want other than the ray gun and Galvaknuckles. The only weapons that can be pack a punched are Shotguns, and each player can only have 1 PaP weapon.


      Downed players cannot use their Mustangs. Accidents happen when going down and panicking, so a quick shot or two is forgivable, but anything else is not allowed.


      Winning -

      Team with longest round lasted and most combined kills by the team win.


      Top Team gets the their names on the Challenge Trophy which goes up on a leaderboard trophy case, which either grows with more trophies, and probably better ones from the community, or disappears into the abyss of the forum depending on how well this goes. 2nd through 4th place will receive some kind of fake trophy or plaque.




      Judging -

      Still up in the air. What I was thinking is the Challenge officially starts on Tuesday the 14th and ends the next Friday the 24th. This gives us time to make any changes to rules if needed.


      As far as crowning a winner, the system I can think of now is teams start on Tuesday, no sign ups needed, and by the following Friday, teams can PM me (or any other trustworthy volunteer) their best game. There needs to be a way for me or whoever judges to view the game. I won't view every game, but will view the top 4 on that Friday, and barring any rule violations, will post the top four leaders in order without showing their actual score, to deter others from cheating and sending over hyped scores I have to check. Every couple of days until the 24th, I'll check the new best scores and post updated leaderboards. Then on the 24th at 12 noon eastern time, I'll stop taking games and check the last few. The next day I'll post the winners. If this was worth the time, we can pick another challenge and start over and keep the leaderboard alive.


      Winners can have whatever name they want on the Trophy and can pick a team name.


      I'm on Xbox, so unless a trustworthy PS3 or PC or Wii U player wants to judge, it would only be for Xbox players.

      Also, a single person can be on up to two winning teams. So 1st place could be players A, B, C, and D and third place could be players A, E, F, and G. No more than one player can be on another winning team, and that player can only be on two of the top 4.



      Nothing is Official yet, so if changes need to be made by Tuesday they can be. If no one is interested, we can let this fade away.