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    New update, now the game is very very laggy. A_Trey_U help us

      Problem N°1

      Ok, now it's easier to join a lobby, but I find too much laggy matches (I mean more laggy than before), I'm tired to see that I suddently die with 1-2 bullets and I kill enemies only after 10-15bullets

      Sometimes I start to shoot and I don't see the cross on enemies (and I don't hear the sound that a bullet makes when it hits an enemy) even if I'm aiming at them.

      Never had a problem like this before (well, I mean never seen a lag so bad), but now playing a match is a problem, sometimes it's unplayable and my ratio is getting worse

      I suppose this happens because the game now allows people with a very bad connection to be the host...

      For example I was playing a match some minutes ago where the host connection was green and the connection of my team (3 members from Italy and one from UK) was red, other members of his team had only 2 "notches" (I don't know how you call them), so only the host had a good connection, while 11 players had a very laggy connection...why the game allows people with such a bad connection to be host? and why in the second and third match he was the host again? The game should automatically change the host when the connection is so bad


      I repeat, I never had such laggy matches like these before the patch


      Problem N°2

      Example: I'm searching for a lobby in headquartes, it says there are 220 players playing HQ, I start the search, no mtches founds, it says searching lobbies 0/0 for a very long time, so I go out and try again, same problem. I go out and try again, same problem. I go out and try for demolition, same problem. I go out and try for kill confirmed, same problem, meanwhile friends outside my lobby can't join me. I go out and search for domination, same problem...suddetly I find myself in a lobby in headquarter without reason
      This was a common problem even before this patch

      When the search is blocked you can only wait for ten-twenty minutes or go out from MP and re-join MP, your friends can't reach you
      It's very annoying, can you do something please?


      thank you