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    I thought this game wouldn't get any worse.

      I am disappointed Vonderhaar and the rest of you money whores at Treyarch. Over the past few months, I have been playing your broken game and told myself that there were times when this would get better. I thought maybe you would be more productive and fix the problems in this game rather than leave them unattended and allow them to get worse over time. I couldn't have been more wrong. This game has gotten to the state of being unplayable and I honestly think I won't be playing this game anymore since this is just too fustrating.


      First, let's all give a round of applause to Treyarch for making gun fights for certain individuals (including myself) impossible to win. I don't think it's necessary to go into detail about this since this has been brought up numerous times and you still did nothing about it, but I remember in past Call of Duty's when my bullets were actually counting. That is not so in this game, and even though I tried to think that you would do something about it, it happened to me and the people I played with for the majority of our games the past week. I find it very abnormal how other fps games did not have a major problem associated with this as much as this one does.


      This disturbes me the most. If I'm going to try and play your broken game, there should not be an abnormal amount of cheats/exploits/glitches in the game. The lag switch has gotten more popular than ever. What I want to see from you Treyarch is why it is so easy to cheat in your game. Don't try and think up an excuse like you did the complaints on the lag compensation, latency issues, or whatever you want to call it. Things like the prestige glitch, wilcard exploit, etc. shouldn't have been possible to begin with. And now we have infections... The freaking infections. The infections would have been something that I wished didn't pop up again. You all know what I'm talking about since I know some of you have seen or even been victims to the maplestory vac hack, which is obviously in Black Ops 2 now. Combined with the fact that you now have to deal with the Trophy System infinite xp glitch, your game is on the right path to ending up like a certain game that most people liked. (Does World at War sound familiar to you?)


      Treyarch, because you let the money go to your head, you neglected the security that should have been provided to this game and as a result, the cheats/mods/exploits is growing rapidly and will ruin the game. I hope you don't plan on getting another cent out of me. -_-

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          Re: I thought this game wouldn't get any worse.

          i've yet to ever see these so called cheats or exploits like you and so many others claim to see all the time.

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            Re: I thought this game wouldn't get any worse.

            I can understand your frustration. I certainly don't think it comes from lack of effort or knowledge on Treyarchs end. I'm sure everyone involved in making this game worked their ass off and had very high hopes of this game being amazing.

            From my experience with the game and other comments on the forums, there is obviously something seriously wrong compared to past titles. I don't know what it is, but if it was an easy fix, it would have already been solved. Another thing that needs to be remembered is the huge community that plays this game don't always have the best intentions and youtube spreads flaws and glitches like wild fire. Thats not an easy weapon to defend against quickly.

            I play on the 360 and will probably continue to play until the next CoD title. But this game is on the bottom of my CoD list at the moment.

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