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    Dashboarding to save fake stats

      I was playing some HQ with a few buddies of mine and noticed a few guys joined the lobby that were pretty good. One of them had a 2.96K/D. I put my ksg class away and brought out the serious class right away. I warned my buddies about a possible tough match.


      Once the match started this guy was my first 2 kills and he started 0-4. I could tell he was a fake after engaging in a few gun battles with him. He didnt move or play like anyone that I have played against with a K/D this high. Usually guys with K/Ds this high make me and my 1.7 look bad.


      We beat these guys 250-0. I told my buddies he is gonna dashboard. He finished 16-12. Sure enough at the end of the match disconnected due to transmission error. I usually dont send people messages but I sent him a nice message afterwards.


      What is the point of your stats if they are fake? I dont get it. This is why we have probation people. Sadly this is what COD is turning into. A bunch of fake stat hungary babies. I see people dashboard all the time out of my games. If your stats are legit like mine kudos to you. I take my beatings when they come my way.

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          Re: Dashboarding to save fake stats

          I've noticed this a lot too. I understand quitting mid game/early game if things are messed up connection wise or even if you are having a bad game, however waiting until the end and then dashboarding? Dashboarding at all is stupid but to do it like this is even moreso.

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            Re: Dashboarding to save fake stats

            i have a 1.97 KD with 53K + kills. I mainly play HC CTF. This happens A LOT. I usually always play with 2-3 players and when we come up against people with 2+ KD's, they almost always dashboard. So yes, most of the 2+ KD's are fake stats.


            what I DO wish they would implement is a way to transfer the stats to your COD profile, even if you dashboard, they would upload as soon as you re-connected to the multiplayer server.


            also, I hope the give us a record or stat area for Games Quit and Games Dashboarded that you could see on someone's profile in the next COD, similar to how gears of war 3 did it.

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