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    Need a clan for PS3

      I just started another account my kd is 3.62 so I'm looking fo a good high ranked clan if interested in me post clan link in a comment and ill check u out if I'm feeling you clan ill apply

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          Re: Need a clan for PS3

          Only MW3 clan cus black ops 2 is garbage

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            Re: Need a clan for PS3

            APEX is recruiting

            We just like to have fun and win

            we promote tactics with an easy and relaxed atmosphere

            PSN: APEX_TGT Email: apextgt2@gmail.com

            Hello this is APEX_TGT, I'm in command and I have been leading the clan for almost a year now. That means I know how to run a clan.

            I known that the clan success depends on each individual player.

            If you have any personal questions please ask me.

            Clan links:

            A Facebook and Twitter Page for quick updates on Clan news and to help members of the clan.Go to the Clan site to apply ,and apply on the clan HQ .                                                     

            perks of joining:

            We run regular events and contests ,Clan website ,Having lots of fun! ,Active Community 

            A Non-judgeful, friendly community .Having lots of fun! ,winning

            Games we play:

            Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto 4,Modern Warfare3 ,Black ops2

            The clan starter on RDR then went to GTA 4 and MW3.

            The only games we have plans to lay down roots in is GTA 5.

            I will take suggestions for games that we should play but keep in mind the games we do play now are my top priority.

            PAIN is recruiting

            PAIN is the APEX uk ally Email apextgt2@gmail.com for more info or Add RED_WARLORD

            NOTE: Only PSN

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