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    Black Ops Zombies as its own game.

      I'm intrested in hearing everyones thoughts on the PROS & CONS of Zombies being its own game.

      my opinion, Resident Evil was awesome as a Zombie game. I rather enjoyed the searching for clues and reading dairies entries of what went down.

      while Zombies bosses being the one thing that I do not want in Black Ops Zombies.. I dont see how they could pull it off with-out them.

      bottom line, they Cannot take away are classic Survival Mode.. its what we are used to its what we love, but have you ever followed the storyline

      its pretty wicked, so I wanna see it and play it for myself. Like we all know Tank Dempsey was sent to Verruckt on a rescue mission, and was caught by

      Richtofen. Brainwashed to do his bidding, as was Takeo and the Red Menace.. Which Nickolai kicks a$$.. I wanna play that. the Explorers lost in Shangra la,

      the Outbreak at Kino.. basicly the Cutscenes will put pictures to the radio messages.. Even tho I know somehow They would probably mess it up..

      it still would be cool to have a game strickly dedicated to Black Ops Nazi Zombies.. Not just a game mode.. Imagine the possiblities