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    black ops 2 map pack 2: Elimination

      CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS 2 MAP PACK 2: Elimination


      Elimination is the second map pack to be released for call of duty black ops 2 and is currently under development by Treyach. This map pack will contain 4 multiplayer maps 1 zombie map and a new weapon.  Lets het to the information:


      First Multiplayer map: Colosseum

      "Colosseum" is a medium sized map with several levels overlooking the actual arena (what’s left of it). Players will use a series of ladders to access the higher levels. Outside the Colosseum will be ambulances, fires trucks and police vehicles. There is a hotel with some windows open to snipe or hide in.


      Second Multiplayer map: Graze

      "Graze" is located in Egypt.  The map itself is located on the base of the 2nd pyramid, which has been destroyed by a Russian cargo plane that has crashed into the pyramid and crash-landed in the construction site.  The only accessible part of the plane seems to be the cargo part of the plane. The construction site has small buildings and tranches which parts are covered by the debris of the plane.  There are some tunnels entering the pyramid.


      Third Multiplayer map: isola

      "Isola" Is a volcanic island located of the coast of Italy.  The island is quite small but has mostly been destroyed by the volcano. The map is a small township with houses and a main street with shops and buildings. The volcano spontaneously erupts and a small amount of lava comes tarring down the main street separating the two sides of the town for a minute or 2.  (Similar to hydro) in the centre of the village there is a park with a stadium set up.


      Fourth Multiplayer map: Prison

      "Prison" is located in the Black sea and is isolated. There’s the front entrance with an interactive door and an exit with an interactive door. The only areas of the prison that can be accessed is the courtyard, cafeteria, cell block 4 and the entry and exit zones, they are both connected to the courtyard. The map is at sunset and has spotlights in the courtyard and out to sea. If you try swimming away an automatic turret will shoot you.


      Zombie map:verlaten

      "verlaten” is located in France. This map will be set out to be in Tranzit mode but different game modes can be played on each individual stop. The bus is a double Decker bus which the top has been blown off and is driven by T.E.D.D. he is wearing a miners outfit.


      The first stop is Post office- Post office Is a small building with just two rooms and with a large tree next to it with what appears to be Christmas lights but they are all blue. There is a large hole in the ground with a walkway over it and another building opposite the post office where a box location . The bus will eventually come at round 4-5. Quick revive is found inside the post office.


      Second stop is: Hotel

      Hotel is located near the edge of a cliff which over looks the valley, which is on fire and full of lava. There are 3 three rooms to unlock here, speed cola and a few wall guns are also here.

      The hotel is one story and has a nice burnt garden.


      Third stop is: Electricity grid/compound

      The electricity grid has a seriers of underground rooms and one building on the surface which has tombstone and dead shot, 2 wall guns and a box location. There are lots of pine trees surrounding the grid. There is another road opposite the grid which I think you can run down to go to post office and the power is turned on at the grid (it may have to be assembled)


      Fourth stop is: Mine

      Mine is an old abandoned mine facility with a few mines inside the mountain and a large building at the front. There is also a house that has juggernog and stamin-up with 2 box locations around the property. There is a ravine located near the road but cant be accessed. There is a well, which is full of lava and a trench which goes under the house to the mine facility. 


      Final stop is: Mansion

      Mansion is a large property surrounded by a hedge and inside there’s a lab, garden, rather small houses and the mansion itself. The Mansion is located on the edge of a mountain and the Eiffel tower is visible. There’s a teleporter at the end of the garden which needs to be built and once its built you can teleport to the location of the pack-a-punch which is under the Eiffel tower. Double tap is located there as well. Mule kick is located in the mansion and phd flopper is in the lab. There are 2 box locations here and several wall weapons.  The entrance of the mansion there is an electric trap, but be carful as it stops you from getting to the bus if its on.


      The new weapon included in this DLC is the Eliminator assault rifle. This gun has the capability of having all assult rifle customization attached to it and fires 32 rounds per clip and has 256 worth of reloads. Equivalent to 8 reloads.

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