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    will they ever get cod right?

      dont think it will happen. every one there was some kind of major screwup. making it worse i played several and felt like i saw the issues head on.


      played MW2, every single person going all out noob. noobtubes, QS, and noobguns only, in every lobby. lagcomp worked great though.


      played BO2, got screwed over by lagcomp the entire time. emptied enough bullets to kill a guy who didnt die or they came in with impossible reaction time =/. but the noob guns wasnt as bad....

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          Re: will they ever get cod right?

          I doubt it.


          Honestly, i actually can't imagine Call of Duty without all those issues*. If Call of Duty didn't have them, then is there a reason to move onto the next CoD year after year? O_o To be frank, i probably wouldn't if one of the CoDs had everything just how i wanted it to be. I may after a while, but i would then see no rush to move along with the yearly CoD cycles. I'd probably be out of tune with their releases, maybe to a point of where i'd skip newer titles in the series because it just wouldn't match up to how one particular CoD played.


          Some people feel nostalgic towards CoD4 and WaW, but even those games had their own fair share of problems that some people forget about, probably because those same people are nostalgic about those game. No matter how you look at it, there has been issues with every CoD that included online multiplayer, but because there are issues with every CoD can the next installment be improved on  and 'the bar risen', IMO.



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            Re: will they ever get cod right?

            MW2 was great.  If you wanted pro crap halo 3 was out and Im pretty sure there was a ghost recon (if your into hiding).  Don't lie about MW2.  Most games involved stopping power and many guns.  Back then one person on a team would put on UAV.  That was back when danger close one man army noob tube was considered a bad thing.  Can you even picture that.  There was an easier way to win in COD that was considered bad.  They got it right ever since.  You want to pay to win they don't want to pay for your precious connection and omg they still make tons of money.  The issue is we bad we want win take my money and you need them making crap games for you.

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