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    Bring back my choice of paid map packs

      Every patch or update has this game getting worse. Instead of  bringing back a list of maps that I paid for, they instead nerfed and buffed guns. I did not pay for that DLC but I did pay for the four Map Pack DLC. They took down the list and never returned it. Now I have to hope and wait for the map to come around. I paid for it and should be able to use it at any giving time just like the DLC gun. Come on let's be real Black OPs 2 is a fail. I love playing but it's got to the point where they just do what they want after you pay. 1st they take nuketown  24/7 and made it bonus mosh pit  now no DLC only list. I'm sorry I bought the season pass. If I wanted to play stock maps I wouldn't have bought a SEASON PASS. Wtf do 3arc be thinking at times? Maybe if most maps were enjoyable then it wouldn't be a problem but I want to play what the **** i pay for when I want to play it. I work for my money I don't run and ask mommy for a DLC pack or Xbox card... I don't see why Infinity Ward just don't take over the Call of Duty Series and the hell with Treyarch.