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    So who paid $30 bucks to get the good stuff?

      Just wanting to know since we got the news or at least I just did. Of exactly how much it is and how many items. It comes out to $30.00.



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          I didn't spend $30 but I got several of the packs.


          At 160 MS points, they are a pretty good deal. 1600 is about $20. I like that you can pick and choose what you want. A fun addition to the game.

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            It actually comes out to $20 without nuketown zombies and $25 with it but the point is you don't have to spend all that money you just get the camos you like and the extra slots if wanted/needed.  I think they should of released them free to season pass holders like myself but they are greedy and want that extra money.  However, I bought a couple of the camos and they are pretty sick and I was only expecting 10 extra create-a-class spots not 90 lol

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              I have a couple of bucks sitting on XBL account that I have no use for, but I somehow feel like I'm perpetuating the problem if I buy anything.  I'm sure they're testing the market right now to see if anyone bites.  Although, if players take a stand and refuse to spend anymore money, these items will be free or they'll eventually stop offering add-ins.  But I guess that's how the market works.  If you build it, they will come.

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                  Actually, if you  stop spending money and they stop making a profit, they just stop making the game.


                  Say what you want about any problems that come up, but there is no game that has a multiplayer like CoD. If it disappeared, there would be people who wouldn't know what to do with their time, anymore.


                  It's Capitalism. They don't HAVE to cater to the customer. They HAVE to make a profit. Stop buying and they'll move on to a different project without a second thought.