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    UK IRL recruitment

      Huge battle this week vs LE Lethal Energy - are you good enough to compete for us?


      Hi people,


      Hugely active clan with 57 members with Facebook and site in the pipeline are looking for true gamers.


      We are a great bunch of friends and seriously competitive.


      Clan ops are part of being the clan but you won’t be kicked for missing a few. It’s just a game after all...


      Message me on this or on XBOX LIVE Viperthesniper9


      Just some of our play and some beasts.... these are some of the best - you dont have to be this good but we can make you a force to be reckoned with. We make the good great.  A nuclear is 30 conseq gun kills without dying. Its impressive and being with us is way better than being against us.


      montage no 1




      Blaze nuclear



      Skillz nuclear



      Hypez nuclear

      If you want to play with good guys let me know and I will give you a try out - once you get on with everyone you are in!!!

      LOST BOYS – Clan Rules & Code of Conduct when you accepted nothing a proper gamer has to be told.


      The activity on Facebook is great and the clan members all get on great.


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