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    Can't Rank up in Black Ops 2 Zombies

      I keep seeing one discussion after another concerning how to rank up in Black Ops 2 Zombies, and so far, all of them are totally incorrect.  I can't even get to crossbones.  I'm stuck on a single bone, and it's obvious that it's where I'll stay.  On the leaderboards, my stats are a great deal better than most who have higher rank.  I have the kills, I have the revives and headshots, but no matter what I do, how often I do it, or how well I do it, I can't even get to the second emblem.  I'm almost always the last one standing in pubic matches, and it also seems that every player in the world ranks up for doing a whole lot less than I do. 


      Whenever I ask anyone what to do, I get meaningless, and totally incorrect, answers, like "Keep playing, it'll happen," or "Get those headshots...", but so far, everyone is either wrong or lying.  I am beginning to believe that my game has been hacked or something, because I am the only one in the world who cannot rank up. Either that, or ranking up has nothing to do with your states or time in-game. It's possible, I think, that you rank up whenever the game feels like it, and for no other reason.  I am frustrated, I feel singled out, and I'm tired of everyone looking at my emblem and assuming I'm a noob, and insulting me for it. 


      So, obviously, there is nothing to do here.  None of you will have any useful advice for me.  Some of you will offer incorrect advice or simply lie to me.  But I am on the verge of throwing the disk out the window and smashing my XBox to pieces.  I don't know why I am the only one who can't rank up to the second emblem, but it's obvious that whatever's going on, I am the only one affected by it. 


      So, go ahead, start insulting, start talking down to me, start offering counsel that you already know is not going to help.  But if anyone out there hacked my system, now is a good time to tell me. 


      I'm giving myself two more days, but if I haven't ranked up by then, I will break the disk under my boot. 



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