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    What Headset/MIC combo do you guys/gals use?

      Last night, i went to Best Buy and purchased the $99 dollar set of PS3 Pulse headphones.


      http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Sony+-+Wireless+Stereo+Headset+for+PlayStation+3/315 8734.p?id=1218380513197&skuId=3158734&st=ps3 headphones&cp=1&lp=3


      I've never owned a set of headphones or a mic as i am just now really getting into COD MP enough to justify the investment.


      I haven't tried these out yet, but tell me what you use and how much you spent, where you bought them, and how much you enjoy the ones you use.

      FYI, i have looked at the PULSE headset on Amazon for a cheaper price but i bought these for the convenience level of a product return if i don't like'em.


      Help me out on this decision!  I wouldn't mind spending a little more than 100 dollars but i don't game everyday for hours on end.


      I play BO2 more than i've ever played a COD title and i think this step is a must.  I'm getting tired of running solo and i wanna party up with the community and it seems that without a headset i'm in the minority.


      Thanks COD,

      - Drag