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    I am truly shocked by the rubbish level of recruitment by clans on this Forum. Their "recruiters" know nothing about recruiting but bumping their responses in order to get hits. UK IRL XBOX clan 57 members interactive via facebook Level 30 REAL TOP 10

      Pardon my rant but these "Clans" claiming to be top 100 etc are so full of sh*t it aint funny!


      We are a true top 10 in Europe Clan. This is recognised by our consistent top placing in the world leaderboards on clan ops.


      If you read this do comment or like - I do appreciate real likes and comments. Some of the videos below are great play and I would suggest you dont think that commentators of this world get real feeds. They record everything and wait till they hammer some noobs and then claim to be this or that good and its just bs!


      We recruit good and social players who enjoy the game and being mates. If you have to have a list of things you can and cant do then in my opinion - you havent a clue.



      Hugely active clan with 57 members with Facebook and site in the pipeline are looking for true gamers.


      We are a great bunch of friends and seriously competitive.


      Clan ops are part of being the clan but you won’t be kicked for missing a few. It’s just a game after all...


      Message me on this or on XBOX LIVE Viperthesniper9


      Just some of our play and some beasts.... these are some of the best - you dont have to be this good but we can make you a force to be reckoned with. We make the good great.  A nuclear is 30 conseq gun kills without dying. Its impressive and being with us is way better than being against us.


      montage no 1




      Blaze nuclear



      Skillz nuclear



      Hypez nuclear

      If you want to play with good guys let me know and I will give you a try out - once you get on with everyone you are in!!!

      LOST BOYS – Clan Rules & Code of Conduct when you accepted nothing a proper gamer has to be told.


      The activity on Facebook is great and the clan members all get on great.