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    Perma-Perks, PHD Flopper clues of whats to come.

      I've been thinking, and I believe that The Reason for the huge PHD Flopper troll is a clue at whats next to come. Ok.. in TranZit, we always had Perma-perks like Dead Shot. Just no one had figured them out yet. Once they did, everyone started looking for other possible Perma-perks. Like Perma-Jugg.

      with no luck..Untill right before the Release of Revolution X-Box gets an Update..then Perma-Jugg was available. I know this becuase I saw the video on how to get it, and me being on PS3 and not having the Update yet, I couldn't. Once we got the update I already knew what to do. What im trying to say is.. One of the most Annoying things on TranZit was the Lava..its everywhere. Very hard to avoid taking Damage by it. Perma- Jugg is what we needed.

      Now on Die Rise, the most Annoying thing about it is fall Damage. at least from what I hear..everyone's mad about going down all the time. The PHD Machine is there.. we've all seen it. I bet that right before the release of the next map pak, we'll get an Update that will have some sort of a PHD Flopper Perma-perk.

      what other reason would they put the PHD machine there for.. there has to be a reason...