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    UK IRL EURO XBOX Clan Level 30 Objective based gamers and beasts! We are looking for competitive gamers for MLG games. Only the best need apply

      Wont make this long we have 60 members level 30 trying to get some MLG teams together for competitions. We have facebook and a community but you have to get in first.


      Must have mics and you must be good... if your score is less that 400SPM without good cause you are average and you wouldnt make top 20 in the clan!


      If you think you got what it takes message me Viperthesniper9 on XBL. We are considered one of the best in Europe by the biggest clans and you will have to see with your own eyes!




      Americans please dont bother me - youre brutal at the game and you lag when you play with us in europe!