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    Black Ops 2 ruined my Playstation 3.


      Thanks for ruining my PS3.

      Ever since i bought your game my PS3 is freezing and is often unable to read discs.

      I cant afford a new PS3 so thank you very much

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          Re: Black Ops 2 ruined my Playstation 3.

          Since I am assuming you understand that freezing is bad for a computer, if you had that much freezing problems that it ruined your PS3, why would you continue to try to play?


          Instead of selling a game that cost you $60, you made sure to brick your PS3 which cost you over $100. Responsibility, even though it lands partially on Treyarch for the freezing issue, lands a lot more on your lap for continuing to damage your PS3.


          If you bought a hamburger from McDonalds and it was raw, you wouldn't continue eating it and hoping it wouldn't make you sick.

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              Re: Black Ops 2 ruined my Playstation 3.

              the point is. black ops 2 is the reason my ps3 has become ****. i have read ALOT on the internet about people having the same problem as me. just wanted to to get my anger out at them. i guess there is nothing to do

              and btw, i bought the game a week ago, and there have never been a problem right until i bought the game. and now my other games freeze too

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                Re: Black Ops 2 ruined my Playstation 3.

                man.. you are definitely an idiot.. I can tell by the example you gave of eating a raw hamburger.


                What a moron you are.


                Niico is the customer, he did exactly what he is suposed to do.. He bought the game, inserted it into his PS3 and played.

                The customer is not suposed to be a specialist in computer hardware or software for that mater.

                He's got not means of diagnostic to find out that the software is defective and it will cause his hardware to fail.

                is umbelievable the people who's got zero inteligence and yet.. they create accounts and reply posts on forums like this one. and the worst.. the guy has 1400+ posts.

                omg that's one of the reasons why I don't parcitipate on this type of forums

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                  Re: Black Ops 2 ruined my Playstation 3.

                  thats not it though plenty of people are dealing with this issue so back off and so hav ei

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                  Re: Black Ops 2 ruined my Playstation 3.

                  If you are unable to read disks then your optical drive has failed.  The freezing issue wouldn't have affected that part of the PS3.  The good news is that you can have your optical drive replaced and your PS3 will likely be just fine.


                  PS:  If you just are having disk read problems you probably should try one of those lens cleaning disks before you get your drive replaced.  They are around $30 at Best Buy.  My PS2 used to have that problem and it solved it rather inexpensively.

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                    Re: Black Ops 2 ruined my Playstation 3.

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                      Re: Black Ops 2 ruined my Playstation 3.

                      I came to this forum to see if there was updates regarding black ops 2 server is not available message.. however I saw this thread and it called my attention..


                      I had exactly the same problems and my PS3 stopped reading disks 3 days after I began playing BO 2.


                      I also have a friend who had exactly the same problem.. and he only plays cod on his PS3.


                      I also would like to reply the idiotic comment someone have posted trying to say that is your fault that the PS3 is broken, by saying: -"the company who provided defective software is responsible for the damage on the hardware if there is a problem on the software causing the hardware to fail. NOT THE CUSTOMER'S FAULT.

                      The customer isn't did exactly what he is suposed to do, he bought the game... put into the PS3 and played. If by doing that customers are having their PS3 being damage I cannot see any inteligent logic argument to blame the customer.

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                          Re: Black Ops 2 ruined my Playstation 3.

                          by the way.. I had to buy a new PS3 and only after some time has passed I've replaced the laser from my older ps3 and now it is working again.

                          the other problem I see with this game is that it keeps reading the disk all the time.. is ridiculous.. the game should be stored on the hard drive and only check if the disk is inside before every match or so.. just to make sure the person has the disk.. in case the game was not downloaded from playstation network

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                            Re: Black Ops 2 ruined my Playstation 3.

                            i have also been thinking about buying a new ps3. im just wondering if it will happen again
                            they should make it possible to install the game to the ps3 so we wouldnt need a disk. i guess there is really a lot of people with this problem, but nothing to do. sad

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                                Re: Black Ops 2 ruined my Playstation 3.

                                If you're hearing a lot of "whrr" and "chnk" noises coming from your PS3 while you're playing BO2, if you haven't already, go to the Options menu, then select "Install Textures to HDD" (can't remember if it's right there or if you have to go into the Video section). It will take about 10-15 minutes, but it will stop your system from having to stress the optical drive so much.


                                I've done this on multiple PS3s (fat, slim & superslim), and your system will run quiet and smooth after it's finished; only thing is that if your system is already on it's way out, it will only delay the inevitable.

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                              Re: Black Ops 2 ruined my Playstation 3.

                              No one ever searches for answers anymore, they just complain....


                              Here you go.






                              BTW - Textures help but DO NOT FIX THIS PROBLEM.

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                                  Re: Black Ops 2 ruined my Playstation 3.

                                  been searching for ages man. found no solutions :b

                                  thanks for the tip, but my ps3 have come so far, that it wont even read disc's, so i cant see a cooler helping there

                                  i cleaned the lens and formatted the harddrive, and then i could play fifa 13 for a about a week without problems (didnt dare to put BO2 in), but now its on again..

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                                  Re: Black Ops 2 ruined my Playstation 3.

                                  In most cases the not reading your disc could be the disc drive or lens problem. I myself had the same problem without the not reading disc prob. I couldnt play campaign an zombies an mp were pointless. I could get to rounds 4-5 an it would freeze. I researched some of the problems an alot was due to overheating. I went an bought an intercooler I know alot of ppl hate them an wouldnt recomend them but i was out of options. Since buying the cooler i havn't had any freezing issues played die rise to round 25 today played turned fine same with mp an campaign. The guy above me scottie has a good advice on what to do also. He is right installing an deleting textures doesnt work same with erasing the game data.

                                  Hope you get back to ps3 or wait for ps4. good luck

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                                    Re: Black Ops 2 ruined my Playstation 3.

                                    Sony wants to know this and all info related to this game and issues with gameplay like freezing. There is some lawsuit in the works.

                                    I have been documenting it all since they asked me too. I had an older 80gb fat, thing worked great till Blops 2 got stuck in it. Then it froze froze died. I figure it is an older model, it time was coming anyway so I got a new system. I bought the 500gb white, it froze the 1st 3 days I owned it. I returned it and got another new system, 250gb black. I have owned it 12 days now and the system has frozen 11 times. I have only had 3 days it did not freeze, and those were the 3 days I did not play Blops 2.


                                    The proof of the flawed game is evident, we just need to get that info out to the people who will force activision to fix it or close up shop.


                                    None of my 3 systems noted above have ever froze for any game other than Blops 2.

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