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    Why nerf weapons?

      Hey guys and gals, I just never understood the reason to nerf weapons. My understanding has always been that if you feel it is a good gun, well you have the ability to use it. It seems like everytime they nerf a weapon it becomes unplayable. I think that they have over nerfed many guns that were pretty balanced weapons, but people felt that it was OP because it was a common weapon. I am not a common user of the MSMC, however now that the SMGs are the last class I have to get diamond, I have been forced to use it. I must say that it was a night a day difference using that weapon and a few other SMGs. Out of no where the gun's kick is extreamly unpredictable and almost impossible for accurate headshots. I have received more headshots shooting from the hip then aiming in. That is a very good sign of something very wrong, a issue that has been very new might I add.

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          It's called balancing. If there is one gun that completely outclasses all the other then what is the point in really having the other guns as an option if people won't use them because they suck.

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            As you said in another thread devidog_kyle, both MW3 and Black Ops 2 have terrible weapon diversity in which I am going to agree on.


            The idea of nerfing weapons can be to improve weapon diversity, to balance out what players use.


            When BO2 launched, SMG's did rule the game meaning that most players were using SMG's over the other weapon classes. According to my Elite stats, just over 50% of my deaths is against a player using a SMG which is well...pretty substancial in comparison to the other weapon classes.


            Vahn has the weapon data available to make these changes and he won't just nerf weapons, he'll buff the underused weapons.


            After the weapon tweaks, I see a number of Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Shotgun & LMG users therefore there is some improvement in weapon diversity.

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              Its the small clustered maps fault. If the on-disc maps had less close combat then the devs wouldn't nerf the smgs.

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                I beleieve it was Vahn who made the comment before the game launched that gun use data would be used exclusively to determine balance within Black Ops II and therefore determine whether a gun needs to be buffed/nerfed.

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                  OK, first off they have NOT nerfed ANY weapon in this game. They have ADJUSTED a few VERY minor things. The TRUE definition of "nerfing" is TAKING AWAY POWER from a weapon. The ONLY things that they have done in the patches are as follows. The power reductions have came in from DAMAGE DROP OFF, and ATTACHMENTS, not from the base gun.


                  1. 3/12/13

                    • MSMC: Recoil has been increased.
                    • MSMC: Hip fire accuracy has been slightly reduced.
                    • PDW57: Recoil has been increased.
                    • PDW57: Hip fire accuracy has been slightly reduced.
                      • KAP-40: Dual wield damage reduced.
                      • KAP-40: Dual wield hip fire accuracy has been reduced


                  Notice how ONLY the damage with the attachments have been touched? The 2 guns with the recoil increase were WAY too accurate from the start of the game.



                  2. 2/19/13



                    • All + Silencers: reduced range.
                    • All: reduced idle sway.
                    • M27: reduced amount of bullets to headshot kill at all ranges, increased 4-hit kill range.
                    • Type25: reduced amount of bullets to headshot kill at all ranges, slightly reduced maximum hip fire spread.
                    • SCAR: Increased 3-hit kill range.  Maximum amount of bullets to kill is now 4.
                    • SIG556: Penetration increased from medium to large, reduced burst delay, and maximum amount of bullets to kill is now 4.
                    • MTAR: increased 3-hit kill range.
                    • SMR: slight increase to damage so that 2 hit kills can still happen with minor penetration, headshot multiplier increased at long distance.
                    • FAL OSW + Select Fire: increased recoil.
                    • FAL OSW: increased hip spread.





                  Submachine Guns:

                    • All: increased hip fire recoil.
                    • All: increased max hip fire spread from 4.75 to 5.
                    • All: reduced bullet penetration.
                    • MSMC: increased recoil slightly.
                    • PDW-57: increased recoil slightly.

                  Assault Rifles:

                    • All: reduced idle sway for more reliable long-range aiming.
                    • XM8: reduced lethal range of 3-hit kills from 250 to 50 inches.
                    • XM8 + Select Fire: increased recoil.
                    • FAL OSW + Select Fire: increased recoil.
                    • SWAT-556 + Select Fire: increased recoil.
                    • MTAR: Made auto aim values consistent with all other assault rifles.

                  Sniper Rifles:

                    • All: increased hip fire spread.
                    • All + Laser Sight: increased hip fire spread.
                    • XPR-50: increased recoil slightly.


                    • R870: reduced one-hit kill range by 45 inches.


                  • B23R: reduced headshot multiplier from 1.4 to 1.
                  • KAP-40: reduced headshot multiplier from 1.4 to 1

                  Again ONLY hipfire recoil was touched to other guns except the MSMC, and PDW. The "increase" during this adjustment was VERY minute, from a 1.0 to a 1.3 (literally almost un-noticable)

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                      Pretty sure the term NERF is to identify when a weapon was "Watered down" so when they take the MSMC and increase recoil, or lower damage, to the players, thats a "Nerf" when they "Buff" a weapon, it to "adjust it" in a positive way, IE LMG's get added damage, or less recoil would be a "Buff" to LMG's. So yeah Adjustments, negative = nerf positive = buff...

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                      Not sure what you are talking about, I rarely used the msmc and last night started working on finishing the unlocks and was doing quite well with it. I went from level 6 or 7 to max level in a short time.

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                        devidog_kyle wrote:


                        Hey guys and gals, I just never understood the reason to nerf weapons.


                        I assume no shooter is perfect on weapon balance prior to release, although more QC would probably save any possible future alterations.  But this means putting the release date forward.