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    League Play Teams LethalxGaming (PS3)

      I'm starting a new direction for my CoD Elite clan.  I'm backing away from Clan ops to focus my clan on team-building.  I'm using League Play as a tool to help build teams.  4 members at a time.


      If anyone is interested in joining a team in one of my rosters, please apply here....



      We have 2 Clans.  In the main clan for PS3 the averages are 1.5 K/D and 360 SPM.  If you are above those two numbers, you will be accepted into the main clan.  Anyone below those two numbers will be accepted into our second clan.


      I will be setting up teams for league play within the next week.

      In order to participate in League Play with this clan you must be a member, and you must respond to the thread in the link below with your PSN ID, Location, and which roster you we're accepted in.


      Otherwise, we will not know if you are willing to play league play.