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    My name is DrunkenGerbils and I QuickScope ...

           Hi everyone, my gamertag is DrunkenGerbils and I QuickScope ...whew, feels good to get that off my chest. They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.


           Seriously though, I've always been a guy who hated QuickScoping and never touched the sniper classes but Black Ops 2 has changed that for me. I got my Assault Rifles and SMG's diamond, and all my shot guns gold accept the last one so I thought I'd give the snipers a try and get them diamond as well. To my surprise I've been having a blast with them. Don't get me wrong, I'm still an AR guy at heart and my FAL class is still by far my favorite but now that I've discovered the joys of sniping it's nice to make a few classes to help change things up every once in a while.


           I know I might get some flamers in here talking trash, but my advice to them would be to take just one full day and mess around with the snipers. I bet you have more fun than you expect once you start to get the hang of it.


           Any other sniper converts out there that can back me up on this?

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          1. Re: My name is DrunkenGerbils and I QuickScope ...

          I have used snipers in every CoD. I have only quickscoped in MW2. After that i realized how selfish a player can be while doing it. The ones who are godly at it, by all means go for it. It just sucks when you get some stooge on your team who goes 4-37 with 0 confirms working on his leet quickscope youtube. Kind of makes me hate that it exists. I miss the days of sniping like CoD4 and even MW2 to an extent (mainly for the maps).

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            2. Re: My name is DrunkenGerbils and I QuickScope ...

            I go positive most of the time doing it, and usually even place in the top three, although I'm not a "L337" QuickSoper by any means. I "hardscope" most of the time and use the QuickScope for CQC. I'm by no means trying 360 no scopes for some YouTube channel or anything, I'm just enjoying a new style of play that brings a little more replay value to an already pretty great game. Also I play FFA so I don't have any team mates to worry about, lol. 

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              3. Re: My name is DrunkenGerbils and I QuickScope ...

              quickscoping is stupid and should be removed. it requires very little skill and you take advantage of the aim assist. also i get tired of these idiots that are on my team and go 5-32. they try to act like they're cool by getting "l33t quicksc0pe 720 quuuuuuuuuad headshot feeds". like seriously f*ck off. these idiots are a waste of a good teammate and a waste of my time to kill them.



              I can't understand why Treyarch gives these kids what they want. either remove it or make it like it was back during the early days of BO1.

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                4. Re: My name is DrunkenGerbils and I QuickScope ...

                I do it once in a while... I'm pretty decent. I do hardscope most of the time watching the flags on dom when I actually do it. Garbage youtube scopers are the worst

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                  5. Re: My name is DrunkenGerbils and I QuickScope ...

                  I'm gonna have to disagree with you on that one, while I find I can do well with a sniper and even win the occasional match I always do better with an AR or SMG. The snipers are by no means "easy mode". If you don't believe me try playing a match with an SMG and then one with a sniper and tell me which one is easier to do well with ...it won't be the sniper.

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                    6. Re: My name is DrunkenGerbils and I QuickScope ...

                    Yeah the whole "L337 trick shotting" snipers are pretty lame but I actually kinda like them. Why you ask? Becuase I play FFA, if some yahoo wants to go 5 - 20 while spinning around like a fairy be my guest. Easy head shots for me!

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                      7. Re: My name is DrunkenGerbils and I QuickScope ...

                      just...stop. you're one of those quickscopers that deny someone when they say qsing is sh*t. or the fact it's all luck based not skill based. quickscoping is pointless stop mixing a long range weapon with CQC. i have done quickscoping but only when i was moving from my sniping spot. qsing is just as easy as using an SMG and vice versa.

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                        8. Re: My name is DrunkenGerbils and I QuickScope ...

                        Been messing around with my classes and made one for core today. Man I got QS like crazy, it's like they were playing HC with their one shot kills and I was stuck with a toy lmg (HAMR). I thought the HAMR would do good in core but I was no match for that entire team of snipers. I got my @$$ handed to me 15-25. Every time I got one in my sights and unloaded a few rounds boom, I'm dead. Props for the guys who know how to handle a sniper rifle, I can see why QS is so popular in core: all the fire power of HC, all the bullet absorption of core. Back to the lab, I'm not gonna get owned like that again....

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                          9. Re: My name is DrunkenGerbils and I QuickScope ...

                          Just last night I got 7 kills in a row QuickScoping, are you telling me I got lucky 7 times in a row? I think not. Now if your talking about some kid jumping off a building, spinning around and then getting a QuickScope then sure I totally agree. That's all luck but 7 people in a row, come on no ones that "lucky". And if you think snipers are as easy to use as SMG's you're delusional, no one really buys that. Sounds like you're bitter from getting merked with one if you ask me.

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