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    Zombie weapons got increased recoil? What the...?

      Well, I felt like shooting some Zombies, once I had enough money, I did what I usually do on Town survival, buy one weapon from the mystery box.



      Wohoo, got meh MTAR, but there was a new twist, for the love of god, the recoil has changed completely, it was basically looking more like the Scars recoil, no more same to the MP version of MTAR.



      Then I figured that I'd try out the HAMR, yay got it too, same thing, the recoil was way different.



      Is it just the break I had or did they always behave like this?



      Just wondering why, have the Zombies told you that these guns are OP?



      Highly intelligent Raccoon, explain please, do you hear the voices?