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    Treyarch purposely NERFED TDM prior to release


      Look at this prerelease video, kills were worth 125 points in TDM/FFA before release. Treyarch LOWERED the points per kill on purpose to screw over TDM/FFA.  Plus if you do the math, alot of streaks are more or less equivalent to past games with 125 points per kill. -__-


      They screwed TDM to try to push their MLG agenda....

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          Re: Treyarch purposely NERFED TDM prior to release

          And rightly so! They need to get people away from TDM and trying other stuff. TDM is boring as hell, yet everyone plays it coz theyre non objective, scared of dying, or killwhoring green players who have no clue.

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            Re: Treyarch purposely NERFED TDM prior to release

            Yeah it sucks I understand people need to play different modes but there are times where i just like playing tdm. Sometimes i don't play objectives due to I'm not playing with a party. I don't want deal with SMG lobbies and people losing the game due to not playing the objective. TDM needs some readjustments for core and hardcore.

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              Re: Treyarch purposely NERFED TDM prior to release

              So I guess Treyarch did do one thing well from the beginning in encouraging players to play objective modes. Sadly they butchered the Wii Mote so badly at release......

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                  Re: Treyarch purposely NERFED TDM prior to release

                  That's such a BS excuse. It's easy for you to say that being a 15 year old who had mommy and daddy buy the game for him....


                  I play COD for TDM. I put my hard earned money towards the game and paid the same amount as everyone else so I should be free to play any mode I want without having an inferior experience. I shouldn't have my favorite mode artificially crippled because objective players don't like that it's overplayed.

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                      Re: Treyarch purposely NERFED TDM prior to release

                      ^^^ yup ^^^  having to get a bloodthirsty just for a uav is retarted.

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                        Re: Treyarch purposely NERFED TDM prior to release

                        Its not objective players who feel its overplayed - its the devs. Seriously 90% of players play TDM and they tried to get that to change, you cant blame them for trying to go against churning out the same old same old. They stick game modes in and no one plays them.


                        The fact is, you get the less serious players who play TDM in the main, players who just play for fun, like 9yr olds who dont know anything else, and 59 yr old guys, who just want 1 kill a game. There`s no parties in TDM ,coz its boring as hell. It also takes forever to level up. Im not hating on TDM ,but the guys who play it who are good players, have their own reasons.


                        I play dom and other obj games coz its exciting and thats what gaming is about for me, each to their own, but I think the devs did right to try to fix it. I get where you serious TDM guys are coming from, but you stomp enough without adding to killstreaks to beating up on noobs

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                          Re: Treyarch purposely NERFED TDM prior to release

                          Hmmm, I guess we can't keep things civil while discussing? And I too had to pay my hard earned money so I hope you will not jump to any conclusions! And in case you don't remember, I called for TDM score increases, and I hate that the UAV is five kills. I honestly am very annoyed at this too and I hope it gets fixed ASAP. What I'm saying is that I'm glad that Treyarch is encouraging objective players. I hope we will have a civil and beneficial discussion about this but if you don't want that I am willing to discuss this with others.

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                        Re: Treyarch purposely NERFED TDM prior to release

                        Why not just remove scorestreaks from the game. Then it wouldnt matter if you get 100 points per kill or 200.  And if 5 kills for UAV sounds retarded, then what does 5 kills Hellstorm missile + ligtning strike + sentry gun sound like? If they increase points per kill to 125 with hardline it would be 150. And my opinion is that 150pts per kill would ruin TDM. That would mean UAV would be 3 kills and because of that there would be a lot more UAV's. So lets say you get 6 kills, thats 900 points with hardline, then you shoot an UAV down and thats 90pts, destroy 3 things with emp grenades (or get assists) and you have 1170pts. Enough for A.G.R and stealth chopper, and almost for escort drone. And im pretty sure that would ruin a game that ends in 75 kills.

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                            Re: Treyarch purposely NERFED TDM prior to release

                            Alright with the first example you listed, The equivalent streaks in past games were 5-6 kills anyway. The Predator missile was a 5 killstreak in MW2/MW3, the Sentry gun was a 5 killstreak in MW2/MW3/BO1, and the Airstrike was a 5 killstreak in COD4/WAW. You would unlock them all at the same time now anyway with hardline except at 6-7 kills. What's your point?


                            Why are you complaining about UAVs? Have you never played TDM in a past COD game? The UAV is what keeps the game flowing. Having it at 5 kills just encourages all these Huey Mc Pisspants mofos to cower in corners because they're afraid of dying.



                            Having it be a 5 streak also if anything makes the UAV more powerful than ever. In past games if a enemy called in a UAV, it was no big deal because you only needed 2-3 kills more for yours. NOW when the enemy calls in a UAV, you and your team are going to be sitting ducks while you're still building up your streak.



                            One more thing, explain to me why having 125 points per kill for attack/defend kills seems to work perfectly fine in objective modes? Nobody complaining over there. And why should kills in TDM hold the same weight as non objective kills in objective modes when killing IS the main objective?

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                                Re: Treyarch purposely NERFED TDM prior to release

                                Coz they dont want 95% of the playerbase playing team camp match

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                                  Re: Treyarch purposely NERFED TDM prior to release

                                  This is the first cod i own, so i dont know anything about past cod games. And i was meaning that everyone seems to complain about the UAV cost. I think its good. Maybe i should have used a little more time thinking what i was writing. And about the "Having it be a 5 streak also if anything makes the UAV more powerful than ever." Having it be a 5 streak makes it more fun to shoot down. Why doesnt almost anyone use smaw or fhj anymore? Or is it just my imagination?  And i dont mean that everyone should have fhj-18 with them.    


                                  My point was i dont like when enemy team uses scorestreaks. And if you could get 150pts per kill it would make getting scorestreaks too easy. And if you havent noticed, you can win objective game with everyone having 0.4kd ratio, in tdm its not possible. And most of the scorestreaks are just free kills. And something something ill continue maybe later.

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                                      Re: Treyarch purposely NERFED TDM prior to release

                                      Barely anyone uses the FHJ or SMAW in TDM because there's no real reason due to the high streaks. The odds of seeing something that absolutely needs to be shot down are low.


                                      It WAS possible to win games in TDM on past CODs if you were on a bad team and the scorestreaks wouldn't be easy with hardline. Most of them would be equivalent to past game's scorestreaks.

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                                  Re: Treyarch purposely NERFED TDM prior to release

                                  Yeah I love team death match but its hard to get kill streaks still is my favorite game type though

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                                    Re: Treyarch purposely NERFED TDM prior to release

                                    Yeah they said from the beginning this game was intended to be more objective based. Thus less tdm and ffa. I like that. What i dont like is everyone still plays it.

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                                      Re: Treyarch purposely NERFED TDM prior to release

                                      I think Treyarch hit this on perfectly on the head.  In team death match, you have to remember that the winner is decided by whatever team gets 75 kills first.  Some of the  mid score streaks like the turrent or the attack chopper can really screw the other team over and end up getting 10 to 12 kills for a team.  This makes an already losing game impossible to come back and win.  So, it only stands to reason as a balancing issue that if you want a powerful score streak you should have to earn it and have the skill to go 10 to 12 kills without dying.  In objective based games where the winner isn't decided by a simple kill count they are less important. So, it's really just a balanacing issue.

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                                          Re: Treyarch purposely NERFED TDM prior to release

                                          i prefer dom but agree with nintendont ( did i really just say that lol), core tdm should be mercenary ( no teams ) and have perma uav slower than normal, so you have a faster paced mode with less campers, more like ffa. hctdm should stay as it is.

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                                            Re: Treyarch purposely NERFED TDM prior to release

                                            Actually it's the opposite now. It's extremely difficult to win matches now if you're put on a bad team. In past games all you had to do was get a good streak going to mount a comeback. Can't do that anymore. I lost a good 5-6 matches last night alone while having more kills than the top guy on the other team because I couldn't get enough streaks in time. Play TDM more and you'll see what I mean.


                                            "Skill" has nothing to do with it. It's impossible to get anything above a VSAT (12 killstreak) in TDM unless you're playing a team of complete down syndrome drooling retards. There's almost no streak variety in TDM because of this. People are constantly spamming hunter killers and lighting strikes.



                                            It hurts class variety too as well. There's no reason to run Blind Eye, Hardwired, or Launchers because the odds of running into something threatening enough to shoot down are like 1 in 1000.

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                                                Re: Treyarch purposely NERFED TDM prior to release

                                                Wouldnt increasing the points hurt class variety too as well. You would have to use Blind eye and Ghost constantly because of all the UAVs and hunter killers.


                                                Its a good thing you cant win a TEAM deathmatch by yourself.


                                                Maybe you should get more points for killing an enemy who has just killed an enemy. So if the enemy gets kill (100pts) and you kill him within 2 seconds, youll get 125pts. Or something like one kill 100 points and double kill 100 + 110 points and triple 100 + 110 + 120 and so on.

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                                                    Re: Treyarch purposely NERFED TDM prior to release

                                                    Lapio wrote:


                                                    Wouldnt increasing the points hurt class variety too as well. You would have to use Blind eye and Ghost constantly because of all the UAVs and hunter killers.


                                                    If anything that's a benefit.  It would make blind eye useful.  As it is, you simply don't need it.


                                                    It takes 5 kills, a bloodthirsty medal, just to get a UAV.  That's just crazy.


                                                    Changing the points per kill to 125 isn't a drastic increase.  It just makes everything more reasonable while also encouraging people to play the objective.  Which is to get kills.  People will be more willing to go out and try to get kills instead of hiding in corners.  It would make the game mode better all around.

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                                                        Re: Treyarch purposely NERFED TDM prior to release

                                                        I quit playing tdm about a month ago.  I got bored with it.  I have been running a fair amount of domination and some free for all.  My kill death ratio has gone down the toilet because I like to pounce on the flags and seem to die a lot,but other than that I am having a blast.  It's not that impossible to get the higher score streaks in tdm, it just takes some thinking ahead.  While you only get 100 points a kill, there are a lot of other ways to get points in tdm.  You can get points for assists out the ying yang between all the tactical grenades and the lower level score streaks. Alternatively, you can get a ton of points just by changing your perk/grenade setup.


                                                        Consider running engineer, scavenger and an emp grenade.  TDM is so full of campers who dump out those stupid bouncing betties, shock charges, and claymores. Use engineer to spot them and then take the load out with an emp grenade.  This will often earn you more points than the kill and disorient the camper.  Most campers run tactical mask, but not hardwired so an emp will work on them and leave then hud less for 15 seconds.  After that rush in, pick them off and use scavenger to refurbish your emp grenade.  Rinse and repeat.  Add on the turrents, agr, dragon fire, and guardians everybody loves to use and you can rack up another 125 points appiece with an emp grenade.


                                                        The class I tend to use for tdm is HAMR, quickdraw, stock, hybrid site, primary gunfighter, hardline, scavenger, engineer, emp grenade, c4.   If my team isn't a bunch of idiots and we work in pairs, I can usually string together at least 1500 points at some point in the match.

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                                                            Re: Treyarch purposely NERFED TDM prior to release

                                                            That's not the point. You should be able to get your streaks in TDM off kills because that's the primary objective. You shouldn't be forced to use wacky methods like spamming emp grenades.


                                                            In most of the objective modes it's possible to get all your streaks from just playing the objective alone. Why can't it be like that in TDM?

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                                                                Re: Treyarch purposely NERFED TDM prior to release

                                                                The worm gets his streaks in TDM no problem - you need to wise up Ninty


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                                                                    Re: Treyarch purposely NERFED TDM prior to release

                                                                    i subscribe to the worm, hes a legend lol

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                                                                        Re: Treyarch purposely NERFED TDM prior to release

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                                                          Re: Treyarch purposely NERFED TDM prior to release

                                                          Why should Target Finder DA Aimbot campers like TC be awarded with Scorestreaks at all?

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