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    Rate of Fire PS3 CLAN RECRUITING

      Hey there looking to be a part of something? looking to make new friends? want to be a part of a rapidly growing clan? well join the RoF clan (Rate of Fire) in this clan you can earn ranks, participate in clan tournaments, battle with other clans around the world, earn points, win prizes, meet people that love video games as much as you do. come visit our clan website at www.rateoffire.com its safe, free and fun to join. Our main games are Black Ops 2 and Modern Warfare 3.

      We are a small clan but play together most nights, and are looking for some more great players to add to our current pub stomping squad. if you fit the bill you know what you have to do.

      We expect mature gamers and very active applicants. We are not so much a clan about Kill death ratio but we do expect a minimum of a 1.00 kd as it is not hard to get. A minimum of 1 clan op per weekend is needed to stay within the clan. we accept friendly, mature and active people who will be a great asset to the clan. We have a strict age limit of 14, and a mic is preferred.

      Please feel free to hop into the chat box after you have registered on the site and ask any questions you like.

      Maxine (Clan Leader)