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    looking for exceptional MLG players - We are looking at the next World Championships and looking to build incredible teams only the very best need apply. A YouTube link to watch, truly great play for the real gamers. Money for MLG matches get paid!

      I am not going to rant on


      Level 31 XBOX Clan 61 members our top 12 would give anyone a run for their money. Real Gamers only and no americans! Mic required!


      We are looking to expand and really push this now so if you like competitive gaming and you really know how to play


      message Viperthesniper9 on XBL


      Come in for a trial game and see if you can keep up.


      This is the level we are looking for:




      Multiteam 3vs3vs3 on hardpoint

      Clan running against a couple of decent players and just smashing them!


      Any questions comment or just XBL message