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    This is when it became cool to not want to win Yes?

      Well to answer this question you have to look at the system of what made us want to win? And it's because bullies had a place and that was one of the pros.

      Yes there was cons but it balanced things out. Ever since we cracked down on bulling kids are winners all of them.


      On this game it's probably because the unbalanced system of not bulling enough that has to happen one way or another. So it's just human nature to step in and troll someone in the game to laugh at their misfortunate happens when they get mad and complain. When it's just a video game. That is when it became cool to not want to win IMO.    Especially when you drink and play.


      Edit 1: I made this thread because the other one is not in compliance with the youtube forums rules which will be enforced from forums mods sooner or later, it's just a matter of time it will be deleted.http://community.callofduty.com/message/414253695#414253695

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          Re: When did it become cool to not want to win?

          Everyone has a diferent agenda in all walks of life and in any realm.


          No I won't cry if I win or lose but I still get a big rush from winning, especially when I directly contributed.


          There is a counter-culture culture at large at the moment and it is a bit of a zeitgeist if you ask me.


          It's the age old thing of when you beat your friend when you were 12 he would say he wasn't even trying so it doesn't count. We know the truth though!

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              Re: When did it become cool to not want to win?

              Yeah but you have to think some people lose on purpose just to get a rise out of someone.


              In your case it would be the person actually trying but losing and saying oh it doesn't count because I wasn't trying in attempt to have self conscious gratification to cope with the loss. Yeah we know the truth on that one. LOL

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                  Re: When did it become cool to not want to win?

                  Ah so you mean all the trollers? Luckily I haven't encountered any so far outside of Youtube.


                  Thats all this is, an attempt to emulate Kevin etc. I personally don't mind funny banter and all that but I do think it is a bit cheap to trap someone in the corner and fire intermittently.


                  When done correctly, it can be great - I like Lui Calibre because he is very witty and it isn't just straight up ruining someone else's game for them. I also like the way he has mastered the character animations. He can make it look like he is on the phone or digging a hole. I dunno what it is he just tickles me.


                  If you seriously want to play to win make sure you run with clan mates.

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                Re: This is when it became cool to not want to win Yes?


                My apologies for breaking the rules as you can see I haven't posted on here that many times before.


                In the above video I was asking the question since COD4 has the will to win and get better been crushed out of gamers either by handholding (deathstreaks, cheap classes shown on YT L86 thermal??) or due to being unable to compete due to lag....

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