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    Your best Weapon Pick..against the Undead freaks !!!

      so , just to get to know you guys a lil better, and perhaps..maybe even swap some M.O.'s ( Method of Operation ) from you guys..maybe your ideas are better than mine...

      so whats your fav. Toy against the Z's... here are mines..


      Classic Zombies ( Nach, Verruckt, Der Riese )

      has to be the Thompson... Good ol' Tommy pak a punch'd is soo freaking Cherry.. I love it..


      The AK74U pretty much dominated the rest for me on the other zombie maps.. reason being, Its a WALL WEAPON..

      Mobile, and easy Recoil... its pretty nice choice..


      TranZit : Has to be the B23R

      I find meself using it alot more than most guns.. Like I say.. with that gun..

      you can ask Beavis, I get nothing BUTTHEAD.. Lol !!


      and Die Rise : PDW.. no question..

      but I have been useing the P-A-P B23R as well.. it goes Fully auto..and is a beast..


      but I would like to know you guys preferences.. Im always open to new suggestions...

      never know what you might know...

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