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    domination vs hardpoint host selection

      treyarch, why is it that dominations host selection is so different from hardpoints host selection? in domination it's been great, i have not seen one host migration for the last 2 months because i pull host (best connection). lately i started playing hardpoint which is very fun but it has the old style of host selection which is "random selection during pregame lobby", this sucks because your game gives people with wireless host and it crashes the game during gameplay which results in a loss for everyone in game. not to mention the frequent players that time out to preserve their stats which is plaguing this game.


      again, why is host selection so different depending on game modes? domination works great, domination just sucks because everyone leave @ half.



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          that last sentence doesn't make sense. i assume the second "domination" should be hardpoint, but there is no half in HP.


          i gues the difference you are noticing is based on more frequent lopsided matches + less playerbase = hardpoint hosting issues.

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              what i was implying in the last sentence was that domination use to be great but now that they introduced halftime into the game, most players leave the game before half when they see that they are losing, which results in a forfeit.


              and i was saying that there is a difference in host selection depending on game modes, in domination the best connection always pulls host now and in hardpoint it's the old style of host selection where people are chosen host regardless of what kind of Internet connection that they may have (random selection), this is bad for the game.