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    Heads up for ALL PLATFORMS freezing/connection issues esp Europe

      Right here's the thing, last few days theres been loads of issues with connecting to the game, freezing issues while accessing features in the game (seen a heap of tweets to @atviassist about it.This is a franchise wide issue not just Blackops2 btw


      So here's why as no-one else has bothered to explain (again) to the community.


      Currently the internet is expereincing a slow down and when I say the internet I mean most of it, especially in europe. File this under you couldn't make this **** up but.. end of last week Spamhaus whic is a company that specialises in filtering out spam and unwanted net traffic for alot of companies blocked a company called Cyberbunker a Dutch web host that has shall we say less than a working moral compass when it comes to deciding what to allow its servers to host.


      Alot of spambots originated from cyberbunkers servers and as a result the blocking has started off this cyberwar between Spamhaus and cyberbunkers customers/friends/associates ect..


      End results the net is currently experiencing the biggest DDos attacks in history as people are hammering spamhaus with an unprecedented amount of traffic  to put it onto context a usual DDos attack would generate around 50gb/s , until last week the largest ever recorded was around 100gb/s ..this attack is generating over 300gb/s .


      Now you may be wondering what this has to do with you or the game well quitre simply the scale of this attack is affecting all the internet, slowing all traffic down and knocking out the internets dns server infrastructure . the effects are felt more in Europe and especially Holland and the Uk from laest reports.


      Services in game rely on connections to other servers which ae becomming unreachable or hard to reach, if this service is interupted or broken things freeze up , games get laggy and things arent really butter smooth.



      So if you are expereincing issues especially in europe over the last few days theres your reason.


      thanks for reading/.