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    why can't I reset my stats? why no FRESH START? dear god help me reset

      I have spent countless hours on youtube and the intenret trying to get an answer of 2 basic questions.


      1. How on earth can I reset my black ops 2 stats?

      - I am a prestige master and have been for a while, but I want to completely reset my stats and I can't because there is NO FRESH START OPTION.


      I literally have no option to reset my stats, and this is bothering me substantially.


      2. Where did my fresh start option go, and why don't I have one?

      - The answer to this is only to kill my curiosity, I could care less how bugged and pathetic this is. I just want my issue resolved, to COMPLETELY RESET MY BLACK OPS 2 STATS. I'M TIRED OF BEING A PRESTIGE MASTER!


      For the love of god, someone please help me reset my stats.