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    I'm Looking For Friends.

      I'm Online All Day n Night.

      My Gamer-Tag is A Stoner.

      My Code is 1904-7798-0237.

      I've ALREADY Added Many Of The Names In These Forums.

      So Please Take A Few Minutes To Add Me And Post A Reply.


      Im in Colorado and Unemployed (Injured on job) so im ALWAYS ONLINE.

      Im a Legal Cannabis Patient for Sciatica.

      Reflex is the Only online game i own so you can find me playing it ALL DAY.

      I don't have a hacked wii and wouldn't know how to hack anyways LoL.

      Im 40 years old and just like playing video games online with real people.

      If im not playing with my First account then you can probably find me on my Second.

      Add HighAllDay 2476-6866-3470 and please leave a reply here so i can add you back.

      Thanx and Good Games.