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    A break from the negative

      Hey guys, lets take a short break from the issues and focus on the positive.

      Out of the dlc I truely injoy the extra class slots, I play just about every game mode and this makes way faster to switch between them as well as switching to different playing styles between games.

      I love the 10 point class set up and the wildcards, truely adds some really creativity.

      The scorestreak system although flawed, was better the the killstreak system of BL1 where the kills didn't help at all.

      Weapons are all different, i would hardly say that any gun has the same behaviors.

      What do you guys have to add on?

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          There are things that are good in this game and things that are bad.  People complain about one death being BS but in previous COD games the same thing can be found, but it happened in a different way.  I just think the negativity comes from people that don't understand how to play or what they need to do to succeed.  They just do what ever and they die 30+ times in a game and blame "lag" or something else for them doing so poorly, not themselves.  People put all of the blame on the developers for the "problems" in the game that seem to get them killed.

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              These broad brush stroke comments, on both sides, are really of little to no value. I NEVER die 30 times around but I do have connectivity or SBMM issues that I have raised and will continue to raise as I have much experience in the FPS genre and this particular title has fluctuations that are far outside the norm by my experience over the last decade (just under) on the Xbox platform.


              No excuses, I still do just fine but for me there are issues that the devs could address as originally the title performed just as any other online game; normal latency/lag. I registered at this site Dec. 21 as it was so obivous I Googled Hit Detection, Black Ops 2 and voila: here I am as others were reporting essentially the same experiences.


              You seem fairly sharp; let's not lose objectivity and realize that perhaps others don't share the same consistent experience that you apparently have.


              As to the positives: they got a lot right with this title IMHO. One of the things that I have not seen discussed: The Iron Sights.


              I have always predominantly used Iron Sights across all titles. Just like the unobstructed view but these are the best yet IMHO and are far and away the easiest to use effectively.

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              There are a lot of positive threads about this game also many legit complains and nonsense complains threads.

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                I like the extra classes too, however I wish you could toggle between them in game. Once you have one selected in create a class you're locked in until you get back to the menu to change it. I setup some go to setups in each class set if the class set I have up isn't doing the job. Still be nice to be able to toggle between them in game.

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                  This game is solid, can't wait to see what Treyarch does in 2014 on next gen!

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                    I like all the new challenges and calling card system. Love how challenges and weapon progress don't reset after prestiging. Pick 10 is great as long as a pistol and knife aren't your primary in my opinion. I actually like the maps but wish there was a bigger one for every small map they have. I wish I could see clearly through the connection BS and really sit down for 5 or 6 hours and enjoy the game without getting enraged like in past titles.