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      Weapons: I think there should be more new effects and suchlike when weapons are Pack-a-Punched, especially more than once, because although the new attachments when Pack-a-Punched are cool (especially the fast mag attachment on Ultra) it would be cool if a more imaginative approach could be taken towards weapons; having new effects such as more incendiary rounds (like the Hades), acid rounds, explosive bullet rounds. I don't think that when a weapon is Pack-a-Punched it should just gain an increase in damage and ammunition. We should be getting extra effects. And I know that may be making it too complicated and... 'unrealistic', but hey, it's just a suggestion; what me and others I've talked to think would be awesome. Another thing: I think the snipers in CoD Zombies should be far more accurate. The whole point of snipers is that they are pinpoint accurate when Aiming Down Sights (ADS) and with some snipers, especially the Barrett, well...

         I also agree with the other users who have suggested that there should be more Wonder Weapons (especially from the Mystery Box rather than buildable) and that they should be having some insanely cool and imaginative effects. The Sliquifier is a fantastic addition to Die Rise (an altogether good map) because it's new, it's powerful and it's different. We should be having more Wonder Weapons like the Scavenger, that fire something really cool like a bomb that creates a burning ring of fire around where it landed, killing zombies that pass through it, or a gun that could shoot round corners, or through walls, like a Railgun. A fully automatic knife shooter. A gun that calls upon the power of a certain animal or power for a while to kick those Zombies' butts! A gun that fires cannonballs! I also definitely think that the knife, Galvaknuckles, Grenades, Semtex, and equipment should be able to be upgraded in the Pack-a-Punch machine, having increased blast radius, and that there should be new types of GRENADES! Having incendiary grenades, or grenades that explode and spawn other grenades (like the Matryoshka Dolls), grenades that fire spikes or knives in all directions when they explode (like Spikemore) and just giant grenades which have a blast radius like the Scavenger rounds.

        I think all these things should be taken into account and maybe used, as they would make Zombies a whole lot more fun for thousands of people. Anybody that agrees, disagrees, would just like to make a comment or add something to this, please reply with your opinion/suggestions.