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    What would you want and not want in the next call of duty ?

      Personally being a long time fan and player of call of duty Multiplayer i have come accross many things i like and dislike in the different titles. From this experience i have some opinions on what i would like to see and not see in the next title.


      Kill streaks harder to take down with maybe more flares and actually be deadlier the higher they are to reach. Modern warfare 2 predator missile, harriers and AC130 was the most fun kill streaks i have ever used. Reduce spawn protection it was to high in MW3


      Don`t want to see the return of support streaks as they became abused by full parties to aid trapping the enemy team in their spawn and in mw3 the stealth bomber in the support was a huge bug bear as someone going 12 - 30  could earn basically a deadly kill streak. One assault streak containing all the uav etc is best IMo. UAV and advanced UAV should be only viewable to the person that earns them with maybe a higher level team UAV for all to see.


      Assasin perk should only keep you off the UAV etc if your moving not if your standing still as ghost perk does in black ops 2. Specialist should remain as it was a awesome addition to MW3. Extreme conditioning should give you unlimited sprint to aid those who like to get around the maps quick. There should be a flak jacket perk to protect you from explosives to aid the capture of flags etc.


      Multi level maps with windows etc slow the pace of the game down one level maps are better with one storey buildings and a mixture of sizes.


      I really like M.O.A.B and Nukes so would like them to remain but not game ending as it was in MW3. Always good fun to try and get one with every weapon it keeps the game interesting and challenging.


      more camos/personalisation for weapons



      My personal fav guns in any title are SPAS-12 shotgun  MW2, AK47, AK74-U from cod4, Famas from MW2, P90


      Grenade launchers are the spawn of satan so should be the very last attachment to unlock and never be abused by re supply like in mw2.

      Another disliked attachment that has appeared recently is the target finder, never want to see that aim bot assist again!


      Matchmaking/hit detection needs to be at the same standard as MW2 not as titles released thereafter


      NO DEATHSTREAKS!!! in any way shape or form they are probably the most stupid addition to the game. People get better by playing the game more they do not benefit from having their hand held by deathstreaks, they just end up being abused by trolls.

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          Re: What would you want and not want in the next call of duty ?

          No one else got opinions for the next game then ?

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            Re: What would you want and not want in the next call of duty ?

            you know whats interesting about your suggestions is they say alot about what type of player you are, and your prefered play style (and yes lets pretend i dont know how you usually play as i've watched your vids ).


            As this post is a result of my blog piece you'll get what I mean when I say your suggestions fall under what i'd consider micro suggestions (as opposed to the macro design decisions the devs make) as a few of them fall into the catagory of balancing issues. For the most part I agree with alot of your ideas a few I dont either because of personal opinion or because i can see issues that would affect other players styles of play..


            Unlimited sprint is the most obvious example, While I do agree with you the ability to run forever does make the game more fast paced and at times more fun it comes at a trade off of more balancing issues , The most obvious being spawns , unlimited sprint can mess up spawns and throw out some really quirky results, it also due to the latency based nature of the game cause issues with hit detection and one on one encounters esp knifing. you also end up with scenerios in some game modes where you are basically forced to use a certian perk ctf is a great example you'd be forced to use unlimited sprint because you'd be at a distinct disadvantage without it and I really dont agree with forcing people to use a perk. So yes we need a extra sprint type of perk but one thats time limited to give you that extra boost when you need it"


            Kiilstreaks, I agree with you for the most part here, higher killstreaks need to be slightly harder to take down, if you've earned a high streak it should take 3 rockets hits to down it, which i think is fair as it stops the single player instantly shooting down something especially if as was possible on mw3 you could target something before it entered the maps playing area.  I am firmly against chaining killstreaks and think the system Treyarch used where kills with a scorestreak counted for alot less points is fair. Your pred/harrier/ac130 example is perfect to demonstrate why this system is unbalanced as you only really needed to get the pred to assure yourself of getting the rest.

            Spawn protection is needed as its too easy to manipulate spawns especially if you have a high end kill/score streak in the air, while its nice to be on the giving end, constantly spawning and insta dying is the reason so many people quit games.


            I agree about removing the support killstreak thing, if we do have the same system as mw3 had i really hope they have listened to the feedback from previously and removed all lethal killstreaks from support there shouldn't be any in the list at all ever.Nor should any support streak be able to completely turn a game like a 1 min emp for example grrrrr support should be just that support.

            Personaly i'd prefer a pick 10 system like Blackops2 which i think better catered for everyones tastes, I didnt like the specialist idea very much again as i felt it was unfair and unbalanced the game when you had players running round with all perks.

            I dont agree about uav/advanced uav being player specific they need to be for the team, again it would unbalance the game, at the very least you'd end with players demanding call outs as they couldnt see what the other player could, and again it would cause a situation where you would be forced to use a particular item as to not feel at a disadvantage.


            I sort of agree with you about maps, but you need some verticality in map design or they look and play/feel wrong. Mw3 maps for the most part were ok but there was a few with way too much verticality . Maps need to feel alive and immersive and stripping out too much removes alot of that imo. i would suggest more verticality at the fringes of a map for snipers ect, but then you have a situation where you feel you are playing more in an arena than a real setting, so then you have to add a few bits to break that feeling up..


            Moabs and nukes, I despise this things imo the worst thing ever put into a cod game, and thats saying something as i havent even got to deathstreaks yet.They do nothing but annoy people and imo are one of the main sources of boosting in both previous mw games.I feel the same way about awarding titles too, look nat bo2 and the nuclear titles so many have them yet wierdly these same people cant seem to manage for the most part to go postivie in most matches.. they promote boosting simply as the majority of players cant acheive them in a legit way. This harks back to balancing as anyone boosting is more likely to equip high end killstreaks so not only are they boosting for a title/moab/nuke they also then cause the game for everyone to change as they can call in high end killstreaks,

            Now im not saying there shouldn't be a reward for impressive killstreaks as there should be as you yourself said people do enjoy the challenge but a nuke or moab nope sorry dont agree at all. As a suggestion as you mentioned it as you like to go for them on different guns, maybe some sort of unlockable camo that can only be gotten that way?>


            Noobtubes dont really bother me that much i think both mw3 and bo2 got the balance right, they are still a pain in hc but hc due to the lesser health has always caused a few balancing issues when it comes to explosives even with flak jacket.


            Not going to mention too much about matchmaking I think iw have enough information from mw3 to know where they went wrong at first and what worked as a good system. all i would say is when using geo location and this affects european players more, a higher emphasis needs to be placed on correctly identifying the country of a player. While we can play 4 bars quite happily in a mices uk/european lobby i think most people would prefer it if we had more localised lobbies,


            deathstreaks.. No, never ever ,not needed, not wanted .  Iw I might be wrong but im pretty sure mark (rubin) in an interview once throw out a stat that in the uk 1-4 households had a copy of cod game , it might of been 1-8 cant remember exactly past i remember he said it. As such the justification of we need death streaks to help new players is somewhat lost as its pretty obvious by this point the majority of us gamers have either played on our own games or played around someone elses house and know what to do. If you must add deathstreaks please remember they get abused by players who dont need them (my use ofdhm in team defender being a prime example.) So if you arent prepared to remove them entirely they imo should only cover the first half of the first prestige them be disabled. The reason i say first half as opposed to a full prestige is people dont always prestige and in doing so would give them death streaks permenently. we honestly dont need them. Blackops never had them in either game and people managed just fine to learn how not to die after a few games.


            i dont wan to add any more ideas to this thread past one smallish one.


            i really think we need a much tougher stance on cheating and especially boosting.Alot of people have in the past mentioned actually cant remember the game think it was red dead redemption who locked cheaters into their own playlists.. i dont agree thats the right way . To stop cheating and especially boosting (apart from the obvious limitations or removal of tac inserts) is to make a deterrent that would make anyone playing think twice.


            Using my if i ruled the world head.. what i'd like to see is a the punishments for cheating being something that really would make someone or even better (their mates) think hang on a min i really dont wan that . So i present my idea of ... the douchebag callsign if you get caught boosting/cheating along with a stat reset/suspension you are also stuck with a permanant callsign that would show everyone what you did, Now i nknow some people would argue that in doing this you would make people boost to get the callsign.. but i honestly think people dont want to be in game and shown up like that i think it would make a good deterrent. plus you could always make the callsign a picture of i heart justin beiber as NO ONE would want that.


            for anyone replying to this thread can we just remember one thing.. anything someone writes is an opinion there is no right or wrong answer so be respectful of each others ideas, if you agree or more importantly disagree explain why.

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              Re: What would you want and not want in the next call of duty ?

              would love to see a "assault only" match lobby in a game...i know quick scope is part of the game...pretty much always has but one shot one kill quick scopers can ruin a game..."run around a corner shoot someone 4 times and they shoot u once" kinda things can grind the oul gears...


              or even in specialised lobbies,give a quick scope game....see who can duke it out quick scope


              i would like to see some lobbies geared twards the types of players that are out there,be is assult,sniper,pistoleer,rocketeer etc... more is what im tryin to say =)

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                Re: What would you want and not want in the next call of duty ?

                I completely agree with you on most of your suggestions. However, I think that there should be gamemodes that only allow you to use a sniper, or something like that where it allows only a specific weapon type. Also i would like to see a COMPLETELY new set of weapons. If i see the same weapons that were in MW3 in MW4, then im gonna be pissed. Also PLEASE no more maps that have big dark corners and big ass houses to camp in with 5 people. Also no more portable radar ( unless they keep assassin ).





                FOR THE CAMPAIGN I would like to see some decision making that will change the outcome ( kinda like in BO2 ) Plus give us something new rather then go stop a terrorist from destroying america.



                FOR SPECIAL OPS I would like to see missions with more depth and a small story to go along with it. Also i think you should replace the survival with something else. NOT ZOMBIES but maybe something original. Like aliens OR super soldiers or something like that.




                FOR MULTIPLAYER I would like to see NEW GUNS!!!! Not the stuff we have seen in MW2 and MW3. Also NO MORE OVERPOWERED GUNS LIKE THE TYPE 25!! I cannot tell you how many times i have threw my controller at the ground after being killed by 2 bullets with the type 25. I would also like to see some BETTER more creative maps. Ones that have places for snipers to snipe but they are also not easily defendable. ( like a room with 3 entrances ) NubeTubes should BE REMOVED!!! Its almost as bad as the type 25.




                FOR QUICKSCOPING I think that sniper should get more 1 shot 1 kills. But then again quickscoping should be more of a challenge. The whole quickdraw made quickscoping easier then using a fully auto.



                FOR SMGS there should deffinently be more SMGS then there was in MW3. Also the SMGS should NOT be at ALL accurate ( like the mp7 was -_- ) Also SMGS with high firerate should have more AMMO then the ones that have a slower FR.



                FOR ASSULT RIFLES I cannot stress the enough! GET RID OF THE TYPE 25!!!!!! I personally think that if a full auto gun is hella accurate then it should NOT be able to kill you in 2 hits.



                FOR SHOTGUNS I think you should get RID OF FULL AUTO SHOTGUNS!!! Any SEMIAUTO shotgun should also have reduced range.



                Overall i would just like to see a different game then mw3 with new guns, better maps, and better balanced guns.

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