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    SUGGESTION FOR NEW MAPS; ZOMBIES/MULTIPLAYER (please listen, i know you guys must be getting pretty bored of all the suggestions us lot put out, but this ones pretty good)

      I've discussed this with some of my CoD addicted friends, and there was a unanimous decision that there should be all the Black Ops 2 Multiplayer maps available as Zombies maps, and Green Run should be available as a Multiplayer map, as the different locations (Depot, Diner, Farm, Power Station and Town, although these would all be ridiculously small (yet very very fun)) and the entirety of Green Run (without the fog) as the first map for a special game mode in which there could be up to 24 or 36 players playing on huge maps. We also agreed that this would be an amazing dlc, a bit like the Rezurrection DLC from Black Ops 1. Please please do something about this, Treyarch/Activision, i would be eternally grateful and stuff