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    Round 50 All zombie maps anyone

      I am looking for a few people who have the time to get to round 50 on all the zombie maps. I have made it into the late 30rs early 40s and then my team mates say they are getting bored, tired, or sleep and its really annoying when I want to reach round 50. Now What I would like to do is go back to Black Ops 1 and start on Kino then Five and so on so on. Now on Black ops one I would like to get to 50 on the maps with 4 people with the exclusion of the original zombie map. Also I was I was thinking it may be a little to hectic to get to 50 on Veruktt with 4 people but hey if you guys our down for a fun game that could will get hectic at times and be challenging why not do it with 4 people. Once we get to the Black Ops 2 zombie maps I would still like to get to 50 on the maps with 4 people but since it shows your highest round now with 2, 3 and 4 people I want to get to 50 with 4 people, 3 people and then just 2 people.  Alright if you guys have the time and are willing to put in the time then leave a message and I will add you. This is for Ps3.