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    Finally Got BO2

      So here I am, got BO2 a couple days ago since it was only $30 on Amazon box deal. Played the first 2 Campaign Missions, nothing to really rave about. Played a couple hours of MP, and I really like the new Create a Class system. Other than that, it plays just like every COD I've played. Some matches are fast paced run-n-gun, and others are slow and campy.


      Also noticed that the lag issues have yet to be addressed and the spawn mechanic is still crappy, maybe even worse than the previous installment. How is it possible that the same issues remain? Where is the progress, growth, and innovation? Despite it's obvious flaws, I'll continue to play it (it is entertaining, but after a few matches in a row full of red bar lagging players, it get's to be too much for me).


      I didn't plan on purhcasing any of the map packs, but now I don't know. Are they worth the price? Or should I wait for a possible price drop?