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    OP weapon rant

      Is it me or are almost all of the allegedly OP weapon complaints baseless? Can someone explain why some complaints about these weapons are justified? Like:


      The pistols: Why shouldn't the pistols be more powerful? They're not freebies anymore like past games and they're equivalent in class points to primaries. Some of the biggest complained about ones like the B23R and the KAP 40 aren't even close to being good as MW2/MW3 machine pistols. They're only deadly in CQC otherwise they're hitmarker machines. Like the B23R's one burst range is very small and if the person was using a SWAT or an M8A1 in that small range you would've still died either way. The complaints make no sense. Try using pistols yourself as a primary and you'll see they're not OP. They're actually a bit hard.



      The LMGs: Why shouldn't the LMGs have low recoil? Why are they not allowed to have one redeeming factor? They're literally disadvantaged in every other way possible, slowest ADS, slowest movement, and worst hipfire. They're also incredibly reliant on perks/attachments too since you usually have to spend 4+ points to make them viable. Before you say "hurr durr Blops 1 LMGs have recoil", the Blops 1 LMGs were also largely irrelevant. The Stoner was the only good one, the M60 was more of a novelty than a competitive choice, and the HK21/RPD were a joke. Now you're upset that the LMGs are a decent weapon choice in BO2? Are you ******* kidding me?



      The Snipers: This one really frustrates me the most. You guys constantly complain about how fast they scope in but in reality....THEY ALL HAVE THE SAME DAMN ADS SPEED AS THE BO1 SNIPERS, save for the Ballista which trades mere milliseconds for a smaller one hit kill area. All they did this time around was make them a decent competitive weapon choice like the LMGs. In Blops 1 like the LMGs, snipers were irrelevant. The L96 was the only decent one, the PSG1 broke if you put attachments on it, and the Dragunov/WA2K were a flat out joke. ON TOP OF THAT, the snipers in BO2 are actually gimped compared to MW2/MW3 snipers. The default scope in speeds are slower, no Quickdraw or Assassin Pro, and the equivalents to some of the MW3 weapon proficiencies like Toughness and the Ballistics CPU are actually weaker compared to their MW3 counterparts. Try the snipers out and you'll see they're not OP.



      Sorry for the rant....I'm glad Treyarch is (allegedly) basing their weapon balancing off actual statistics and not complaints from whiners. If the whiners had their way, this game would be an AR/SMG circle jerk fest like BO1.

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          Most of the problems in game are due to bad map design black ops 1 maps had way better map design. I feel lmgs should have more recoil since most people are gonna be sitting someone sparying with them but i don't have much issues expect with smgs and some AR balance.

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            2. Re: OP weapon rant

            Because LMGS and Snipers are SUPPOSED TO BE SUPPORT weapons, but in this game they can run around like theyre using smgs, but have MUCH greater accuracy and damage.


            And pistols ARE SUPPOSED to be used when your in the sh`t, and should be used as a last resort, NOT AS A PRIMARY WEAPON.

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              3. Re: OP weapon rant

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                4. Re: OP weapon rant

                Snipers are fine.  LMGs are fine.  People don't like getting killed from across the map by a camper.


                Pistols on the other hand I think are OP....sometimes.   They shouldn't be able to outgun SMGs and ARs at a distance.  And that does happen.  I think the main reason people think they are OP is because of lag/lag comp.  Some pistols are 2 shot kills in CQC.  Most of the maps are CQC.  Throw in some lag comp, lightweight to run ahead of the lag (don't know how else to say that one), good ol' aim assist, and they seem overpowered because of how fast you get killed by them.  That's how I feell about quick scoping too.  They seem OP when you're lagging because you die so fast.  There's just a lot of lag for a lot of people and lag makes things seem overpowered sometimes. 

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                  5. Re: OP weapon rant

                  Some weapons are over-powered, just like the gamepad/classic controller. You dont really have to be accurate with the gamepad to get a quick kill. As long as the firing of bullets crosses you then thats it. Its a good spraying controller. People up here says its more accurate than it carrying more bullet damage but thats totally wrong.


                  As I said before, they have the combat-bots using the same method of gamepad/classic controller. Play combat training if you want to see them killing you by just crossing you with a line of fire. Thats bullet damage 100%. You dont even have to be accurate to get a rifle kill. If you use most any weapon with the gamepad then that by itself gives that player an advantage.


                  I dont see good players on this game. I see good lag, good gamepad, good spawns, and good campers. These are what kills me.


                  MW3 you had to have some good play, good smarts. This game shouldnt be rated M. It should be for ages 5-12. Use the gamepad for easier kills, sniping maps, and camping spots. A perfect game for kids 5-12.


                  Quickscoping is a cheat so the makers of the game cheat and has too much kid in them.

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                    6. Re: OP weapon rant

                    Judging by your comments I'd say you fall into that age bracket perfectly.

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                      7. Re: OP weapon rant

                      I think he makes a good point. It should make for a good response, a sensible response. This is a good thread..

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                        8. Re: OP weapon rant

                        If any of this were true da wouldn't have better accuracy stats. And how many good da players do you see running around pumping rounds into thin air? Are people so dumb that they don't realise this is not how da users play. I've seen far more wiimote users hip firing and spraying wildly back and forth across the screen in the killcams than da. Fact. And why someone would say a game they play should be rated 5 and up should prob ask themselves why they are still playing to begin with, or posting about it in these forums. Sorry I don't get it.

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                          9. Re: OP weapon rant

                          I was about to link the same video lol


                          Nintendon't you have to understand how cheap these snipers are first off you don't need attachments to make them good the ars suck without stock and lightweight, the smgs get nerf in every single patch, you need 3  attachments to do good with a lmg and shotguns are unreliable.


                          If you play something else rather than tdm you'll see for yourself how cheap and annoying a sniper plus tactical insertion can be. They do not have the same ADS as they did in BO1, the DSR is the strongest sniper in COD history not even the intervention + stopping power kill like the dsr does also they move way too fast.


                          I'm just stating facts believe me can do pretty well against snipers but the fact that they outgun me at cqb if im using a smg or ar it's just unfair and unbalanced

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