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    Can someone help us?

      Okay so I have read like a million (not really) forums about Maixs side being glitched or whatever. We know all the steps do the easter egg. We have tried everything.
         Camping right by the buddhas, doing the train. We have all the other steps correct up until Maixs says "Reincarnation will reveal the way forward"  At this point, we get stuck. We have tried getting the ballistic knife early in the round before maxis speak. We have tried getting them after he speaks. We have PaP them and have been shooting them all over the room, in the middle, on the buddhas on Russman and he won't speak!


      We have not completed the Easter Egg for richtophens. We also haven't completed the Easter Egg for Tranzit. Has anyone confirmed that we need to complete maxis side on tranzit before we are allowed to do it on Die Rise?


      Does the ballistic knife PaP need to be completed the same round Maixs speak??

      What could we be doing wrong?


      We have tried this for the passed week. We have copied every video out there, also every forum so far that has been suggested. Anyone able to help?