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    Broken Arrow

      "I first herd about broken arrow on the die rise tv where there doing a fly over the broken arrow site.

      They find no survivors but someones set fire to evidence due to the sites involvement in the outbreak...

      Now this is where it gets intresting, when paca punching as russman he says 'this takes me back to broken arrow tho stu was just a baby faced brat'

      heres the quote http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xefX2riuOE4

      this about all i know and have many questions....anyone know more?????"


      - formallyKNOWNasLukey



      ******* awesome quote find mate.


      This means that Russman is a lot older than Stuhliger because of this quote. Considering how Stuhlinger is already an old man, this makes Russman like in his 70's or something.


      This explains Russman's and Stuhlinger's friendship. And that also explains this quote. "Stu, remember what I taught you". Because of the they were in the "Broken Arrow" together.


      I looked up the "Broken Arrow" and this is what I came with.


      "Broken Arrow refers to an accidental event that involves nuclear weapons, warheads or components, but which does not create the risk of nuclear war. These include:


      - Accidental or unexplained nuclear detonation. - This was probably our event in zombies.

      - Non-nuclear detonation or burning of a nuclear weapon.

      Radioactive contamination.

      - Loss in transit of nuclear asset with or without its carrying vehicle.

      - Jettisoning of a nuclear weapon or nuclear component.

      - Public hazard, actual or implied."


      So the "Broken Arrow" must've been the 3 "Super Nukes" hitting the Earth.


      Russman say's that he felt it was long ago. So the nukes must've hit years ago.


      Russman also say's. "Back then, Stu was a little boy, with a baby faced brat".


      Could that baby faced brat be Misty? Misty, not being Stuhlinger's daughter, but was found by Stuhlinger at the time.


      The "Broken Arrow" must've also been the sites where the 3 "Super Nukes" hit, as the radios say that they were flying over it. So guys? What do you guys think?

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