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    Tech questions

      Hey guys, wondering if anyone could explain the difference in possible issues I'm having with this game.


      Frame rate (with my tv)

      Frame rate (the game)

      Could someone explain to me why when my buddy is host, I always run a 3 bar connection even though we both have above average connection speeds and we are only 2 miles appart from each other?

      How lag comp works in this game thats different from others

      What I can do to improve the lobbies I join connection wise(note I have search for best connection)

      (note that I have done port fowarding and QOS)

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          Re: Tech questions


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              Re: Tech questions

              are you sure he's host?

              Does everybody in the room have 3bars?


              Some may be reluctant to interact with such a vague and unorginized question or group there of.

              perhaps they may feel as if there were vital information being withheld. hmmm, mr kyle?

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              Re: Tech questions

              No idea about your buddies host, but lag comp is no different in this game than it is in any online game ever made. It is in no way the cause of the issues people complain about, even though to laymans logic it is, and I'll admit I can understand how people come to that conclusion; the 'lag comp problems' people have are actually caused by bad ping lobbies. Simple as that. And theres not much you can do to improve what you find, other than find what time period offers up the best lobbies for you. For me things get quite ropey roundabout 1am. If I have a bad lobby I let the match play out, back out after and find a new one.

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