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    Level 33 60 man strong IRL UK CLAN recruiting for Clan Ops and Competitive matches. Master divison and true gamers only wanted.  Play with the best of the best! 19th in the world last clan ops - video attaced just watch....  Join us or die! Xbox only



      Just watch this


      We are The Lost Boys


      Hypez just ripping it up


      We are 60 strong with about 40 active Active members


      We rarely will ever lose a game as a clan!


      We are open to all players - obvioulsy we look for the best but we will create and evolve players to be better


      If you want to win and play as a team mesage me on XBL Viperthesniper9


      Get in for a game and see what you can do.


      Once you get on with everyone then you are in!