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    War Against Hacking - Hacker Justice

      OK I didn't open this thread for another list of complaints about hacking I want all players to stop crying and start fighting the hackers with everything we've got. By that I don't mean only reporting them, exposing them to the public, trolling them or something like that. I'm talking about defeating them in-game.


      Hacking has always been the worst problem in CoD and it won't be fixed anytime soon. Situation on PC is particularly bad. I play MW2 (not a huge fan of MW3 but I do like it) so I'm way more familiar with that game. Still, what I'm about to say can be used in any CoD installment.


      When encountering a hacker, most people just leave and report him and don't try to do anything special about it. Sure that some hackers are practically immortal and that's the only solution, but the huge majority of them are very defeatable if you know what you're doing. Instead of leaving and letting the hacker ruin your day, stay there and ruin his.


      1. Forget K/D ratio. You'll die a lot. Do this only if you want to help your whole team and show the hacker you mean business. If your K/D is too precious to you, avoid hackers.


      2. TDM is not the best game mode for this. Hackers will usually have the advantage in the amount of generated kills, so you'll regularly end up on the losing side. Domination, Demolition etc. are a much better choice.


      3. Use a powerful all-round and destructive class, which still allows you to be rather quick and mobile. That way you'll be able to move while in cover, leave little space for most hackers to hit you, and then unleash the full power of your weapon at the right moment. There are weapons like that in every CoD. Since most hackers also spam killstreaks, having an anti-air launcher as a secondary is very useful as well. I personally find these classes best for dealing justice in MW2:


      - ACR red dot

      - Stinger

      - Semtex

      - Flash

      - Scavanger pro

      - Stopping power pro

      - Steady aim pro

      - Martyrdom


      With this class hackers call ME a hacker


      - SCAR-H grenade laucher

      - RPG-7

      - Semtex

      - Flash

      - Scavanger pro

      - Danger close pro

      - Last stand pro

      - Martyrdom


      Lacks anti-air, but overwhelms the hackers with the amount of explosions.


      4. Predict hacker's movements and tactics. Place yourself in the position of a person who can see through walls. With some practise you'll become good at this. Learn this and flank the target.


      5. Don't let them get nukes. Always kill them before that and be sure to destroy their killsteaks even if you have to die multiple times.


      6. Stay in groups. Let a guy in front of you distract the hacker and force him to give away his position, and then jump out blasting. Or be a distractor yourself and let them finish him off.


      7. Explosives are maybe the most effective weapons against hackers because they can't see you throwing them until the last moment, plus you can throw them while staying in cover.


      8. Don't forget other guys on the enemy team. Don't go out there hacker hunting and get picked off by normal enemies. Try to think how the hacker will incorporate in the play of their whole team.


      9. Choose locations which minimise hacker's advantage when engaging them. Stay away from open ground and fight in places with lots of cover, but where you can still spot the hacker on time.


      10. Be aware there is often more than one hacker.


      There are many more strategies for fighting them. Please use these tips, and add as many of your own as you know, and we'll be able to give the hackers a hard time.

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          Re: War Against Hacking - Hacker Justice

          I want call of duty to end it is horrible

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            Re: War Against Hacking - Hacker Justice

            If only they didn't use God mode all the time.

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                Re: War Against Hacking - Hacker Justice

                I don't know what game you're talking about, because at least in MW2 they rarely have godmode. They almost always have different types of wallhack and aimbot, permanent radar, unlimited killstreaks, sometimes infinite ammo or teleportation. More extreme cases would be invisibility, spawning AC130 cannon fire out of the sky, firing predator missiles horizontally through Javelin launcher, and infinite ammo (including grenade and rocket launchers) without reloading (works only for them, not for everyone like in certain modded lobbies). My personal favorite is a guy who would transform himself into a care package crate and travel like that around the map. If I saw it well, he couldn't be harmed while in that form, but he couldn't attack either. He had to transform back into human form to shoot us down, and that was the time when he was vulnerable. He also transformed once or twice into a mobile sentry gun.

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